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Alisa Harris
Memphis, Tn
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Google Master P Pedophile Memphis Alisa R Harris and Cymphonique mp3tru EXHIBIT A Corey and Alisa Harris-Miller’s New Book- COMING SOON- called Mr Cymphonique Little Boy Runs Away to Be Big Star with Pedophile- Master P Call Alisa R Harris-Miller at 504-335-7369 Mp3 Tru 2012- Sneak Peek SNEAK PEEK of Pedophile Dreams- the True Story of Master P- Youtube World Premiere For More Information Contact Master P's Good Name SEE HOW HE LOST HIS BEVERLY HILLS HOME AT 2259 QUEENSBOROUGH FOR $13,000 OWES BANK ONE $739,108 ON A $1 MILLION DOLLAR PROMISSORY NOTE CHEATED DIVINE MAFA OF MEMPHIS OUT OF P MILLER HOW I EMAILED THE MPD ABOUT PERCY L TOWNES'S VISIT TO THE COMMUNITY CENTERSEE MY EMAILS TO DAVID BELL- FORMER FEDERAL PUBLIC DEFENDERSEE MY ANGRY EMAIL TO LAWRENCE DENTON OF PRETRIAL AFTER THE NEWS AIRED 11/29/2010 SEE P'S HURRICANE KATRINA SCAM CALLED 'SAVING OURSELVES'--- SOS RESEARCH HOW MASTER P IS BUILDING A SCHOOL IN HAITI AND JUDGED A MMA FIGHT IN HAITI WHILE HE KIDNAPPED STRANDED CHILDREN FOR SEX PURPOSES LAST YEAR SEE HOW HE STOLE AND RE-ROUTED THE COREY MILLER INNOCENCE FUND MONEYREAD ABOUT HIS $190,165 BILL AND COURT JUDGEMENT TO CHARLES CARTER CONSTRUCTION FOR A STUDIO THEY AUCTIONED IN BATON ROUGE, LA SEE HIS KID'S SHOWS- MOESHA, PLAYER'S CLUB, LOCKDOWN, HUGHLEY'S, OZ, AND ROMEO RESEARCH HOW HARAHAN, LOUISIANA POLICE OFFICER, WILEY WOOD IV WAS FIRED FOR SELLING HIM POLICE BODY ARMORSEE THAT HE ATTENDED BOOKER T WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL, WARREN EASON, AND ST MONICA ELEMENTARYRESEARCH HIS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT LOSE AGAINST THE OJAYS FOR BRANDY IN I MISS MY HOMIESSEE HIS 12/7/2000 ARREST IN CANADA FOR GUNSMASTER P OWES THE IRS $1,434,371 FOR TAX EVASIONRESEARCH HIS NEWARK, NJ ARREST FOR HOLLOW POINT BULLETS (COP KILLERS)READ ABOUT HIS JACK LEG COMPANY NO LIMIT SPORTS AND RICKY WILLIAMSSEE PEDO GIL III'S BROTHER'S BOOKCOVER--- DEATH AROUND THE CORNERREAD ABOUT THE 2/4/2006 TAX EVASION COURT DATE COURTHOUSE ASSAULT INSIDE THE COURTHOUSEHEAR HOW HE LIVED NEXT DOOR TO FORMER GOVERNOR, EDWIN EDWARDS IN BATON ROUGE AND HOW THE COMMUNITY SUED HIM FOR $14,000 RESEARCH MASTER P'S SIGNIFICANT OTHER-- LISA ON WWW.IMDB.COM HOW HE GAVE MEMPHIS SCHOOL SUPPLIES AT HER DAUGHTER TIA'S SCHOOL- HANLEY ELEMENTARY AND CHRISTMAS TOYS AT MEMPHIS'S FORD ROAD ELEMENTARY IN 2009 ONLY (WHICH IS LISA'S DAUGHTER HEAVENLY'S SCHOOL)SHE HOW HE LIED ABOUT PLAYING PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL AND WAS ONLY A WALK-ON PLAYER AT HOUSTON UNIVERSITY WHICH IS ILLEGALASK WHY HE WAS USING PERCY JAYCEON MILLER AS HIS NAME IN 2010WHY IS CYMPHONIQUE ISIS JONES'S DAUGHTER AND BORN 8/1/1992 NOT 1/8/1992 AND ROMEO'S REAL DOB IS 8/14/1989.GO TO YOUTUBE AND RESEARCH CYMPHONIQUE, LIL KING, AND THE CHILD CRACKHEADS- THE FABULOUS GIRLS HALLOWEEN WHICH IS MASTER P'S BIRTHDAY 4/29/1967, 2/29/1970, 4/29/1969, 4/27/1969 AND HE IS 63 YEARS OLD AND NAMED PERCY ROBERT MILLER JR. AND HIS SON IS PERCY ROMEO MILLER SR.WHY IS CYMPHONIQUE TOURING ONLY AGAIN IN MEMPHIS WHERE SHE LIVES DURING THE SCHOOL (LOOKING ALOT OLDER THAN 14) TALKING ABOUT STAY IN SCHOOL.WHY DID MASTER P TRY TO STEAL SUGE KNIGHT'S THE LAST MEAL BY SNOOP DOGGWHY DID MASTER P TAKE ROMEO TO MILLIONS OF MILKSHAKES ON HIS BIRTHDAY AND ASK HIM AND CYMPHONIQUE TO PERFORM TO RAISE MONEY FOR MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY ON YOUTUBE'S 8/19/2010RESEARCH MEMPHIS NEWSPAPER COVERAGE OF MASTER P'S 2009 EASTER WEEKEND TELETHON AT THE COOK COVENTION CENTER WITH NO TELEVISION STATIONS AND TELEPHONE LINES READ ABOUT HIS PEPE JEANS AND WALMART LAWSUITSRESEARCH HOW VENO GREEN OF SAN FRANCISCO IS NOT HIS SONSEE HIM IN MEMPHIS TELLING CYMPHONIQUE AND VENO TO SING ON THE NEWS FOR YOUTUBE AND WORLDWIDE PEDOPHILESASK ANDY WISE WHY I EMAILED HIM THE ABOVE INFO EIGHT DAYS BEFORE HE LIED ON ME ON THE NEWSASK PERCY TOWNES WHY HE EMAILED ME MORE EVIDENCE ON MASTER P VIA YOUTUBEWHEN I FIRED MASTER P I CONTACTED JOB CORPS, MEMPHIS CITY SCHOOLS, EUGENE, AND PATRISHA AT MLCC IMMEDIATELY. ----THANK YOU ALISA R HARRIS-MILLER FREE C-MURDER 3/24/2011 For More Information Contact July 14, 2011 Dear K97, Memphis Police Department,, Ticketmaster, and Mud Island It is pityful up here in Memphis! This Just in- see 63 year old Percy Robert Miller, Jr. is the father of C Murder and a nanny here in Memphis (google Master P pedophile). He has been molesting C and P all their lives. The father has always lived in Memphis and knew me (Alisa R Harris-Miller). The father has used voodoo to connect with C in jail so he can use my government security clearance to commit identity theft. They closed the case yesterday so C will be getting out soon. Mia X, Three 6 Mafia, and Percy Townes are accomplices. All are on serious dope. Master P's father has a whole new set of children- see the photos for One of which he has a child by via incest. Cymphonique Jefferson is Tytyana Miller and he has a son who impersonates Lil Romeo, the rapper. He stole the identity of his son, Percy Romeo Miller, Sr. aka Master P. The father is a SEX OFFENDER!!! He can't even pay his child support and they have a show 7/23/2011 at Mud Island by K97 with O. G. Boo Dirty, 2 Chains, Yung Joc, and Jeezy. MASTER P'S FAKE DAUGHTER AND ROMEO LOOK ALIKE BOY-FRIEND REMOVE THAT ROMEO LOOK ALIKE AND O.G. BOO DIRTY FROM THE LINEUP- THAT'S FRAUD See Ghetto Cheeze- See the 20th Anniversary Video- See Let the Kids Grow- See Whole Hood video from Ghetto Bill- See TMZ--- How you gon pass out school supplies and Christmas toys and not PAY child support?? That's a pedophile in Memphis. Master P is a con artist and has left his wife Sonya for a little child name Cymphonique. They separated 6/25/2007, he filed divorce 8/12/2008, and the divorce was final on 12/30/2009 and he can't pay $271 a month in child support but is touring schools with Cymphonique.(see Wikipedia's Percy Robert Miller Jr. aka Master P while claiming Romeo is somebody else's child Percy Romeo Miller Jr. his self). You must arrest him and Cymphonique in Memphis. Contact me around the corner from Boo Dirty's at 531 Nonconnah 901-785-0750 and 901-326-2683 Alisa R Harris-Miller, C Murder's wife. Lance Taylor, O.G. Boo Dirty is supposed to be in jail because of a incident that happened 11/29/2010. His report date is also his birthdate 7/20/2011. Google Tyler Perry (of Jumping the Broom fame) Pedophile- Why did Master P, Romeo and Cymphonique go a-fundraising for Romeo’s 21st birthday 8/19/2010- YOU MUST SEE THIS-- Romeo got kicked out of USC and the basketball team January 2010 and had to give up his group the College Boyys just like the Rich Boyz and C-Los from the Rich Boyz is serving 30 years in jail for murder and car jacking. Master P ain't no role model!!! Pleasure P is a convicted Pedophile- See No Limit Wikipedia-- you can’t bankrupt a company and don't pay the people and allow your boyfriend to reopen it under 'No Limit Forever', P.... Google Astral Rape of Babies 3/28/2011 and Master P Pedophile. See Cymphonique Jefferson, Isis Jones's daughter from Atlanta- she has Date of birth 1/8/1992 (running around playing 14 years old with her pimp). C Murder's Official Blog: Master P is a pedophile fugitive named Pedro Gil III. His kids live in Missouri City, Tx 9016263493 Moco U Save Our Kids Foundation Take a Stand- Official Website for Corey Miller Innocence Fund Percy Jayceon Miller Con Artist, Pedophile, Child Kidnapper and Crackhead And other Names Percy Romeo Miller II Robert L Miller Percy Romeo Miller Jr Percy Romeo Miller Sr Percy Jayceon Miller Percy Robert Miller Sr. And 62 yr old Percy Robert Miller Jr. claiming to be 43 yrs old Master HAS NOT sold 75 million records. Romeo has NOT sold 20 million records and Veno (Veno Green from San Francisco, CA) and Cymphonique Miller are not his children. EXPOSE’ Here, the record shows that the child pornography was saved as temporary Because Ward pleaded guilty, we Internet files on Troy University's computer. do not know whether Ward was aware that the Web pages were automatically saved. However, a forensic examination of the computer showed that Ward “reached out” Though the factual basis is silent as to for 288 images of child pornography. whether Ward copied, printed, e-mailed, or sent the images to his home computer, and there is no other indication in the record that he did so, Ward had the Also, we note ability to do so when he was viewing the downloaded Web pages. that Ward's home computer was seized and found to contain child pornography. Applying the broad definition of constructive possession recognized in Alabama, we find that the evidence was sufficient to show that Ward exercised dominion and control over the child pornography and thus was in possession of child pornography. 1. Underground Politics - View topic - 'America's worst pedophile'? Pedophiles Normally Give Out Free Toys and School Supplies!! Master P VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards-- Master P is a pedophile and he ... ... - Cached - Similar WATCH LIVE TV Continue reading
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LEG AMPUTATION anesthesia I V BAGS AND EPIDURALS View shoutboxShoutMix chat widget No Limit Records 1991 Master P - Get Away Clean- GOLD 1992 Master P - Mama's Bad Boy- 50,000 SOLD TRU - Understanding the Criminal Mind E-A-Ski - 1 Step Ahead of Yall 1993 TRU - Who's Da Killer? Sonya C - Married to the Mob 1994 Master P - The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!—150,000 SOLD Various Artists - West Coast Bad Boyz, Vol. 1: Anotha Level of the Game Lil Ric - Deep N tha Game Various Artists - West Coast Bad Boyz: High fo Xmas 1995 Dangerous Dame - Escape from the Mental Ward Master P - 99 Ways to Die—150,000 SOLD TRU - True- GOLD #14 Various Artists - Down South Hustlers: Bouncin' and Swingin'- GOLD Tre-8 - Ghetto Stories Mia X - Good Girl Gone Bad 1996 Master P - Ice Cream Man- PLATINUM Silkk - The Shocker #6 Skull Duggery - Hoodlum Fo' Life Kane & Abel - 7 Sins 1997 Various Artists - West Coast Bad Boyz II TRU - Tru 2 da Game- DOUBLE PLATINUM Steady Mobb'n - Pre-Meditated Drama #19 Various Artists - I'm Bout It #1 Mia X - Unlady Like- GOLD #2 Mr. Serv-On - Life Insurance #5 Master P - Ghetto D- TRIPLE PLATINUM #1 Mystikal - Unpredictable- PLATINUM #1 1998 Young Bleed - My Balls and My Word- GOLD #1 Silkk the Shocker - Charge It 2 da Game- PLATINUM #1 C-Murder - Life or Death- PLATINUM #1 Various Artists - I Got the Hook Up-PLATINUM #1 I Got the Hook Up DVD-- GOLD Sons of Funk - The Game of Funk #14 Fiend - There's One in Every Family- GOLD #1 Soulja Slim - Give It 2 'Em Raw- GOLD #13 Billboard 200 Master P - MP Da Last Don- QUADRUPLE PLATINUM #1 Kane & Abel - Am I My Brother's Keeper- GOLD #1 Mac - Shell Shocked #4 (FREE MAC) Snoop Dogg - Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told- DOUBLE PLATINUM #1 Big Ed - The Assassin #3 Skull Duggery - These Wicked Streets #4 Magic - Sky's the Limit #3 Various Artists - Mean Green GOLD #6 Prime Suspects - Guilty Til Proven Innocent #14 Gambino Family - Ghetto Organized #3 Mia X - Mama Drama- GOLD #3 Ghetto Commission - Wise Guys #12 Steady Mobb'n - Black Mafia Full Blooded - Memorial Day #20 Various Artists - We Can't Be Stopped #2 Mystikal - Ghetto Fabulous- PLATINUM #1 1999 Silkk the Shocker - Made Man PLATINUM Mr. Serv-On - Da Next Level #1 C-Murder - Bossalinie GOLD #1 Various Artists - Foolish Mo B. 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What is a credit score? A credit score is a number that lenders use to estimate risk. Experience has shown them that borrowers with higher credit scores are less likely to default on a loan. How are credit scores calculated? Credit scores are generated by plugging the data from your credit report into software that analyzes it and cranks out a number. The three major credit reporting agencies don't necessarily use the same scoring software, so don't be surprised if you discover that the credit scores they generate for you are different. Why are credit scores sometimes called FICO scores? The software used to calculate a great number of credit scores was created by Fair Isaac Corporation--FICO. Which parts of a credit history are most important? The pie chart above right shows a breakdown of the approximate value that each aspect of your credit report adds to a credit score calculation. Use these percentages as a guide: 35% - Your Payment History 30% - Amounts You Owe 15% - Length of Your Credit History 10% - Types of Credit Used 10% - New Credit Your Payment History Includes: Number of accounts paid as agreed Negative public records or collections Delinquent accounts: total number of past due items how long you've been past due how long it's been since you had a past due payment What You Owe: How much you owe on accounts and the types of accounts with balances How much of your revolving credit lines you've used--looking for indications you are over-extended Amounts you owe on installment loan accounts vs. their original balances--to make sure you are you paying them down consistently Number of zero balance accounts Length of Credit History: Total length of time tracked by your credit report Length of time since accounts were opened Time that's passed since the last activity The longer your (good) history, the better your scores Types of Credit: Total number of accounts and types of accounts (installment, revolving, mortgage, etc.) A mixture of account types usually generates better scores than reports with only numerous revolving accounts (credit cards) Your New Credit: Number of accounts you've recently opened and the proportion of new accounts to total accounts Number of recent credit inquiries The time that's passed since recent inquiries or newly-opened accounts If you've re-established a positive credit history after encountering payment problems In general, checking to make sure you aren't attempting to open numerous new accounts Credit scoring software only considers items on your credit report. Lenders typically look at other factors that aren't included in the report, such as income, employment history and the type of credit you are seeking. What's a Good Credit Score? Credit scores (usually) range from 340 to 850. The higher your score, the less risk a lender believes you will be. As your score climbs, the interest rate you are offered will probably decline. Borrowers with a credit score over 700 are typically offered more financing options and better interest rates, but don't be discouraged if your scores are lower, because there's a mortgage product for nearly everyone. Here's an look at credit scores among the US population in 2003: Up to 499: 1% 500 - 549: 5% 550 - 599: 7% 600 - 649: 11% 650 - 699: 16% 700 - 749: 20% 750 - 799: 29% Over 800: 11% Multiple Credit Scores Your bank will pull credit reports and scores from all three major credit reporting agencies: Transunion, Equifax and Experian. They'll probably use the middle score to work your loan application. Ask your lender to explain which credit scores will be used and how they affect your loan application. Alisa R Harris 2012 CONNECTIONS (special thanks from the Ford Campaigns) 901-326-2683 Sterling McNeal- Church Heath Center Charlotte Connor- Workforce Solutions- City of Memphis Raleigh Walker- Girl Scouts (Volunteer Services) Regions Bank Catholic Diocese The Urban Child- Katy Spurlock Caesar’s Entertainment Group (Harrah’s)- Valerie Morris Victory University (Rhodes College) Lawrence Johnson Realtors Pink Palace Museum Home Based Business Chamber of Commerce Katy Kirk-Johnson- Shelby County Government Girls, Inc. Trustmark Bank Boys, Inc. Memphis Botanic Gardens Flinn Broadcasting Labor Now- Betrice Settles Nike- Jimmy Scott Russell Gwatney- Mazda Memphis Urban League Memphis Business Journal Memphis Black Arts Alliance Memphis City Schools Board- Patrice Robinson C Murder of Tru Records Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce Memphis Grizzlies Remington College Mid South Minority Business Council Fire Marshal- Bartlett Memphis Business Academy Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Lemoyne Owen- Allen Savage Workforce Investment Network wesTCORE MLGW Exchange Club Commercial Appeal Job Corps University of Phoenix Project Return Regional Resourceful Development Services The Med Wells Fargo Bank A One Staffing Memphis Education Association City of Memphis-Brack Henderson Attorney- Debbie Fontaine Kight Law Firm The Women’s Foundation Black Business Association Tri-State Defender Jarvis Greer- WMCtv Tammara Shepherd- WMCtv Alex Coleman- WREG Memphis/Shelby County Crime Commission Memphis Challenge A Hand Up- Not a Hand Out Volunteer Mid South Veteran’s Administration- Yolanda Lacy Families of Incarcerated Individuals Clear Channel Outdoor Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare Memphis Union Mission Rodger Watkins- Century 21 Realtors Joe Birch- WMCtv Rachel Beede- WMCtv Memphis Health Center Dress for Success Memphis Blues City Cultural Center Salvation Army Marian Baron- Baby Boomers News City University School Nika Jackson-City of Memphis Hope House Nicholas Burchett- Fox 13 Regina Thomas- Fox 13 State of Tn- Marchello Middlebrooks & Anna Green St Bernard Project YMCA- Donnie Malone BBYO Bridges- Letitia Robertson Nia Appling –First South Credit Union Citadel Broadcasting- Baton Rouge and Memphis Memphis Symphony Orchestra Strayer University- Mischelle Best Memphis and Shelby County Planning and Dev Meritan Agape Southern Heritage Classic Fed Ex- Michael Underwood Rodericka Thompson Pamela Alexander Qualice Seymour Christophe Hampton Demetrius Holt Willie Brooks Folk Alliance Reparations Now- Orlando Matthews Vintage Realtors- Dianne Johnson The Med Labor Department- Mike Edwards G. Green Law Practice EEOC- C. L. Tim Williams Yvonne Howard- United Way of the Mid-South Continue reading
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