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Ah, there it is. ;-)
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I think my comment is getting blocked - I've left very long comments a couple of times, but they're not appearing. But a short one did - this probably will. Maybe it is because I included a few URLs? Matt, can you check your filter for my long comment?
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Hmm, are comments moderated/screened? I tried leaving a very long comment twice, but they don't show up. Will this? OK, can I edit this and add my big comment? I typed up a long comment earlier while at work, hit Preview, but I guess I forgot to actually post it since I don't see it. Ugh. Let's try again... OK, so I agree that the documentation that comes with the phone could be better. I've had a few things where I had to look them up, or wished for better documentation, but it is out there: Quick Start Guide: Tips and Tricks: User Guide: Taking your items in order: 1. I agree, the on-screen keyboard in landscape mode just takes over the whole screen. I find myself using portrait mode to sign in to things, or opening the physical keyboard. Another tip is that hitting 'back' after entering text closes the kb, so you can select one field, enter the data, back, then select another. So you know exactly which field you're in. 2. I think you really noticed this because you came from the iPhone, where there is one design only. Android is more like WinMo or Symbian (or Palm OS when it has licensees) - one OS, multiple vendors. So each vendor puts their own spin on the hardware design, which means different button layouts, etc. 'Droid' is a Verizon marketing umbrella - right now that encompasses the HTC Droid Eris, which is a version of the HTC Hero, and the Motorola Droid. There will likely be others later. Even one-vendor lines, like Blackberry, have different button layouts on different models. 3. Open Messaging app, make sure you're in the main screen (not a conversation thread), hit Menu (button with lines on it), Settings, Select Ringtone, select 'Silent'. Under Settings select Vibrate if you want that. 4. Open Amazon MP3 app, Menu, Downloads, Menu, Retry Failed 5. This one bugs me too. In some cases there is a kind of work around - if you run the saved search you can sometimes edit it then, like saved Google searches. 6. I haven't had this problem, the on-screen keyboard always opens when I select a text field. Any specific examples? 7. I find myself using the on-screen keyboard a lot more than I expected to, I normally hate them. I find the physical keyboard most useful when I can lay the Droid on a table and finger type. 8. I find the icons fairly intuitive, but I'm sure it is different for different users. To open the notifications swipe down, like you're trying to stretch out the bar. That will pull down the notifications window, where you can select specific notifications. Then the turn red and/or display a number, that generally means you have X of whatever the notice is for. So the messaging icon might turn red and display how many unread messages you have. 9. As above, one OS, multiple vendors. HTC customizes their Android phones with their 'Sense UI'. They have a similar enhancement on their WinMo phones. Motorola has 'MotoBLUR' on their CLIQ. Sony has their own enhancements. Some phones are 'Google Experience' phones, which have the default Android UI - like the G1 and Droid. 10. Android is definitely geekier than the iPhone. I like having all of the information accessible, users don't have to look into it. I do use some of the capabilities, like seeing which apps are draining the battery. Keep in mind that Android multitasks and runs background apps, unlike the iPhone, so app management is more important. You could have something running in the background draining your battery. And a downside (worth it, IMHO) to the Android Market being open, is that you're more likely to have an app with an issue - memory leak, etc. Since Android has appealed to geeks a lot of apps also have a geeky bent. As the Android userbase diversifies we'll probably see more apps that aren't as geeky. 11. The app tab can group pretty much infinitely, but it really isn't meant to be used often. I think it is expected that the apps you use the most, you'll put on one of the home screens. And you can order the apps however you wish there. While Android defaults to three home screens, there are 3rd party apps to get five or seven, perhaps more. 12. Press and hold on the apps icon, just like when moving it. The app tray at the bottom will turn red and the icon changes to a trash can, drag and drop there. 13. To mount the system connect it via USB, then pull down the notification panel from the top bar, delect the USB notice, and select Mount when prompted. As for apps, the default seems to be DoubleTwist: I think Google should just acquire them, or license it, and include it with Android phones. 14. I agree, this is a missing feature. I cut them some slack since it is new, free, and still beta, but they need to add this. I think there should be some number of 'speed dial' locations, so you can set things like home, work, etc - places you go over and over. There is a history for the To: field, so you can use that to select past searches, but that isn't as easy as pre-programmed items. I do hope they add this. 15. Open YouTube app, Menu, My Account. There you go. 16. Do you mean that the app names are cut off? Not sure what you mean since the descriptions aren't on the list screens, but on the individual app screen and you can across those to see everything. 17. I don't believe anything built into the OS or burned into the phone's ROM by the vendor/telco can be removed. For example, I have no use for the Verizon Visual Voicemail app, I use Google Voice. I can remove any updates to it that I've installed, but not the base app that came with the phone. This is just like every smartphone I've used, so I live with it. 18. The Back button usually does what I expect, though sometimes it doesn't - but once I see what it does I generally understand it. I think you'll get used to it with use. The button with the lines on it is 'Menu', not Settings - so the menu it opens is context sensitive. As for screenshots, my understanding is that there is no on-phone app for them for Android 2.0 yet - aka the Droid. There are apps for 1.5/1.6, but it looks like you need to enable root access on your phone. You can take screenshots on the Droid using the dev tools: For apps, so far I have: 3banana Notes (network notepad - use from the web or phone, sync and share) (Amazon's mobile app, not just MP3s) ASTRO File Manager (file manager, lets you explore and manage files on the phone) Compass (a simple compass, but it also helps calibrate the hardware) ConnectBot (SSH, telnet, etc) Documents To Go (mobile office suite, I have the full paid version) Google Googles (Google's new visual search app) Google Maps Google Maps 4 Twidroid (links to maps for geolocated tweets) Google Sky Map Google Voice Movies (from Flixster, movie times, reviews, etc.) My Maps Editor by Google Ping (ping, as in ICMP) Places Directory (Google Places) Power Manager Full (power management profiles, I have the paid version) Reality Browser (from Layar) Shazam ShopSavvy (photograph a bar code and get price checks) twidroid PRO for twitter wardrive (I'm getting addicted to wardriving because of this app) For Widgets, I really only use Power Control and Search. Power Control gives you quick toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, auto-sync, and brightness. That's about it.
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Dec 8, 2009