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Felicia Wills
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Join me on Facebook: Trichotillomania (TTM) Awareness Follow on Twitter: @mrsfwillsFiFi http://how Continue reading
Thanks for allowing me to participate in this milestone. Although I have recently shaved my head I have noticed that I still have the tendency to raise my hand to my head as if I were going to pull! But there is nothing there but fuzzy stubble. What made me join this challenge in spite of having shaved my head is that I actually thought about using tweezers to pull the stubble. SMH. This Milestone will be a great tool to keep me accountable! Continue reading
I have a Trichotillomania (TTM) Awareness help page on Facebook ( that can help you with some support and resources. I too have TTM. I have pulled both eyelashes and scalp hair.
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Oct 21, 2010