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I agree with you! I was raised NOT to be a snitch was bad and it was put to me...I believed this most of my young life. Then as I began thinking of my childhood, I realized that I wanted life to be different for our own children. I am mother to 4, ages 20-28. I spoke openly with them about many topics of life, bullying was one of those topics. I spoke with them often on having an OPEN DOOR policy with their father and NOT be afraid to talk with us about anything! Our children were not bullies thankfully, they even stood up for kids that were. My son Michael had some trouble with a boy on the school bus and when he told me about this I contacted the school principal. He told me he would speak with the other boys parents who in turn denied any wrong doing on their sons behalf. Long story short, this boy and his brother were moved to another bus route...all problems came to a halt on our bus. Years later the brother moved to other bus that WAS NOT bullying my son was involved with a plot to shoot up some school staff and students...they were found out in time, thankfully. For the first time in my life (being divorced now) I am in a relationship with a man who has a criminal past...he tells me stories about being "inside" the prison walls and the one thing that always sticks fresh in my mind is this; "In the joint we go after the snitches, the rapists, the petifiles etc...if you snitch, we'll GETCHA!" So my comment to him on this was this; "So it is ok to do the crime but not TELL on the one doing the crime?" "The one who speaks up is WORSE THAN the one who commits the wrong doing?" He gave me a simple "Hell yeah!" So I will close this by saying my guy and I spoke more in detail on this subject and I disclosed to him I completely DISAGREE with him and "them" on this subject. My steps are...conversation to the fullest, reassurance to the fullest, allow your child(ren) to come to you about anything, Thank them for trusting you, explain this topic and all topics as best you can...always
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Apr 28, 2010