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You can also check school supply stores for erasers that are brain-shaped. That's what my friends did!
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I just watched this whole thing and it was wonderful! I may have gotten something in my eyes a few times during it.
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Yaaay! That's wonderful to hear! I'll await the news about [AWESOME PROJECT] with baited breath.
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Please let it be Memories of the Future II!!! Pleaseo pleaseo!
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Wil, As a sex abuse survivor, I get panic attacks even thinking about going through what you went through. The other thing that terrifies me is that CHILDREN are also groped. So, when I fly with my 3 year old, if I get pulled out of line, I have to decide if my baby girl will get a dose of radiation or will be sexually assaulted. This is tearing me up inside. Which is less harmful? One of the issues that has been brought up is that children might get confused. We teach them that it is NOT OKAY for anyone to touch them this way, unless we're at an airport? Seriously? It's completely ridiculous. Please pursue this, so many of us are behind you and would do whatever we can to help.
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Love it! The whole exchange had me chortling in my office, with laughs in an out loud way when I saw the picture. Now everyone thinks I'm nuts(er).
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Sep 14, 2010