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While I generally regard marketing the same as you, I just gotta respond to the Nike thing. I live not far from Nike headquarters here in Oregon and most of my neighbors work for either Intel or Nike. Our next door neighbors and good friends both work fairly high up at Nike in IT. I've been to the Nike campus often and it's something to see. Nike is -- no doubt -- a marketing machine extraordinaire. But on the other hand they keep many, many photographers and design agencies in business and pay them very well. Nike is one of the few (perhaps the only as far as I know) where the creative side of the company still has all power and calls the shots. I was in the Nike design library awhile back and you just wouldn't believe it -- it's huge and their photography section is very well stocked. Now, I'm sure folks are aware of the human-rights problem Nike has been dealing with. From what I can gather, they've been taking steps to address these concerns (which are expensive and some of the bean counters didn't like). While it's likely some of their subcontractors (most of their manufacturing -- like nearly all US-based clothing manufacturers -- is sub-contracted out) are still abusive to their workers, when Nike finds out about it the problem is either corrected or the contract is terminated. So don't pick on poor little Nike -- they're good for photographers. And my home value depends on them doing well! ;-)
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2007 on Marketing That Works at The Online Photographer