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NEWT will do very well as president , he willget things done the way they should be , he will put the media in there place because they are in the pockets of WH and , he wont stand for that , we the people are tired of them telling us whom or what to vote for , WE need newt , he will neuter them .. and he is correct about obama and what is going on .
YOUR FULL OF BOLOGNA , again Iam telling you here in arizona half of us sent in our ballets , and voted for NEWT you cann't say that Robama , and santini are up ahead , and get it through your writing fingers AGAIN NEWT WILL NOT BOW OUT HE IS STAYING NO MATTER WHAT THE POLLINGS ARE SAYING , please stop with the crap , we would not go with romney nor santorum nor paul.,,, understand ,, but you not care , you go with what the media tells you , and those numbers are inflated to make others look good , so stop
I was born an raised in MICH, I do not know about ROmney family from mich, we were never told as i was growing up whom they where LOl. NO WAY would we want mutts, he is a liberal , he will say and do anything just to get mich peeps to vote for him,. NEWT is the better choice . give newt a chance you will be happy that you changed ya mind to go with him ... but as for mutts, no way , All i remember was mayor colman young LOl,.. I love the tigers and Redwings they are the best , i still root for them even if i moved to az .. so does my brothers .. but we wont vote for Romney no way ... he will be like obama .. he does not care about MICH .. as for santorum ... nice guy but wont do what he says ... he has voted on things that was not good either ...
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Feb 17, 2012