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Why do the Union mean so much to me? Its just another sport we can be the scum in New York, Dallas, and DC in. Of course, it means a lot more than the rudimentary hatred of other cities. It means Philadelphia is now on the map. It means that when the Turkish National Team plays the US, the agree to play in Philly. It means when the next World Cup host site is determined, Philly is in contention. Philly is a great city, and to get it put on the soccer map is a tremendous step forward, especially with the world-wide appeal of soccer. But also, its not just Philly. This includes the run-down Chester area. Besides the jobs building the new stadium, the Union are also making an effort in the community of Chester by hiring mainly Chester residents for their game-day staff. They are holding a job fair on 4/17 for that specific purpose. The best part about the Union is simply that they want to unite Philadelphians young and old, poor and rich around the great game of soccer. Join or Die
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Apr 8, 2010