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A little late to this party, but thought you might be interested in work I'm doing open-source at Google: The Belay Project ( ). I admit the write-ups are currently thin, and presentation poor, (I'm workin' on it…) but the current open-source code base demonstrates a working system that meets the objectives Jeff is after. In Belay, rather than a browser extension supplying generated credentials to the web site, the web site supplies credentials to the user's chosen "store" of such credentials. We've worked out the gritty details to make this work with no browser extensions, to allow total freedom for the user in picking where to store these things, and (perhaps most importantly) all the UI so that user experience is extremely smooth. What results is a system with no required passwords or account names (or cookies either!), and both the account creation flow and the login flow don't need to have intermediate approval pages. Development is being done all in the open, though I admit it is relatively early-days for the project. The features described above just came up and running in the last month. I expect to have a much more friendly version hosted for developers to experiment with soon. In the mean time, If you're in the SF Bay Area I'm happy to demo the system. I'll also be at IIW 13 in October, if you'll be there.
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Sep 18, 2011