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Every year somebody says UTEP football should drop down a class, thus becoming more competitive. Stupid! Explain how the program would be more competitive. The drop in class would also mean a drop in the caliber of athletes, too. And... Continue reading
You can't complain the coaching. There has been a bevy of coaches in the last 30 years. They can't all be bad coaches. Is it money? If it's money, then it's the fans. El Paso must turn into a Chicago... Continue reading
So many coaches. So many off-seasons of hope. What's going to turn UTEP football into a winner? Better coach? The dozen or so in our age cannot all be bad. Money? Where does that come from? Conclusion: Fans buying tickets,... Continue reading
Why in the world would UTEP Football Coach Sean Kugler pronounce Blaire Sullivan to be "our starting quarterback," even as he qualified that with the proverbial — at least for now? The Miners need to sell season tickets. Sullivan was... Continue reading
Back from some time away from this blog: It's really no surprise that UTEP Basketball Coach Tim Floyd is not going to USC. Andy Enfield, the Florida Gulf Coast coach, got the big job. But what about future jobs for... Continue reading
I'll be out of touch for the next week-plus. Use this post to contine the dialoge which seems to be Bob vs the not-Bobs. Yes, TV has to be the off-season thrust for Coach Tim Floyd; I've been harping on... Continue reading
We talk about how this is Coach Tim Floyd's professional home, and his love for El Paso. Let's look at what it might be, now that there's speculation he could return to USC as its college basketball coach, bye bye... Continue reading
Why Coach Tim Floyd should/should not leave UTEP if there really is a deal to return to USC as head basketball coach. Leave: UTEP looks to be going nowhere in the conference world. Realignment is taking the top programs/cities in... Continue reading
Things to consider. Let's mull: UTEP's 56-54 home loss to nationally ranked (No. 25) Memphis looks good, unless one buys into "a loss is a loss." But what is really telling here is that UTEP (16-13) went into the game... Continue reading
I think this is something big to consider about the strategy Coach Tim Floyd is using this, and last, baseketball season. It was another low-scoring game. UTEP won by 11 at in another low-scoring game. Yet again, UTEP held its... Continue reading
A second generation is wtinessing 1970s basketball in Utepia. Low, low final scores. UTEP defeated Houston 63-53 in a game UTEP had just seven points in the first 7-plus minutes of the second half. It was a win over Houston,... Continue reading
Again, UTEP caved. A 9-point lead midway into the second half melted away and the Miners were defeated by a revving archrival New Mexico State, 55-51 Saturday in Las Cruces. Oh c'mon, already, UTEP. NMSU is no great shakes. Those... Continue reading
UTEP lost to what good home teams do, go on at least one big scoring run on Wednesday. But just digest this score: Southern Miss won 45-39. It was not a halftime score. Good home teams usually have a rally.... Continue reading
What was deemed by some as a UTEP basketball collapse was, in fact, an apparent slump. UTEP's basketball season is not yet dead. The latest litany: UTEP was not supposed to beat Central Florida (then 17-7). but blew out that... Continue reading
UTEP was blown out at Houston Wednesday, 79-61, perhaps because the Cougars were hot early from trey-point range. There is a big however, however. Perhaps it wasn't just early 3-point swish shots by Houston. In season 3 of Coach Tim... Continue reading
No surprises in the contract UTEP plans to give new Football Coach Sean Kugler. It's still one of the lowest in NCAA Division I-A, basically $280,000 a year from Jan. 1, 2013, to Aug. 31, 2018, plus incentives. UTEP is... Continue reading
It's confusing now. Coach Tim Floyd's Miners (13-9) lost to barely .500 Tulsa (12-12) by 74-70 Saturday. Tulsa dominated the entire game,and was not in danger of being overtaken as the clock ticked into crunch time. It was a home... Continue reading
Finally! A UTEP basketball coach is talking about having the Miners' road games televised back to El Pasoans. This is so important, and now Coach Tim Floyd is saying that a road-game package will be one of his over-the-summer priorities... Continue reading
It's way more exciting than it proves to be productive when UTEP signs another new batch of football recruits. More than 20 high-schoo l" big men on campus" committed to become Miners on Wednesday. Fans get hyped every February about... Continue reading
UTEP let its chance at post-season go awry with the loss at UAB Wednesday; it was the blowing of a 15-point second-half lead. Beating Tulane in The Don Saturday, by a wide maragin (it was really a 20-point win), was... Continue reading
Here's another game defining this year's UTEP basketball team: Not the oomph needed to defeat an 8-12 team on a six-game losing streak - despite holding a 15-point lead in the second half. That's bad! Alabama-Birmingham beat UTEP 78-72 in... Continue reading
UTEP was going to lose with 0:04 seconds to play at East Carolina Saturday, and there was a litany of reasons why that was to be. Then McKenzie Moore made a long, long 3-pointer, from far above the top of... Continue reading
UTEP had no trouble defeating a not-so-good SMU team Saturday afternoon; it was a simple workman-like win on the home court. What the Miners (3-1 in C-USA now) need is a breakthrough win - poleax somebody, already! That could have... Continue reading
UTEP got UTEPed by a mediocre Tulsa team that used inside defense to crawl-on-its-knees to a 45-42 win at Tulsa Wednesday. Neither team would have beaten any other Conference USA team on this anemic offensive night. It wasn't just good... Continue reading
This is a UTEP basketball program not seen since mid-Don Haskins. It's better mentally than the Tony Barbee winning teams of recent yore. And better talently than the Doc Sadler guys .It's probably a notch up from what Billy Gillispie... Continue reading