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Thurmont Maryland USA and Three Hills Alberta Canada
Just an old soldier who lives in the country.
Interests: Horses, Guns , Geopolitics, Ranching, Farming, Team Roping, Hapkido, Skiing, Special Warfare,National Security, and Intelligence. And playing around on this damn computer ! :) Served 1981 to 1989 Canadian Army. TQ-3 combat engineer-sapper. Presently reside in USA Am dual citizen , born in Buffalo South Dakota. (The rest you'll have to guess ) Am i an opinionated S of a B ? Mea Maxima Culpa ! Gulity as charged ! I try not to be but ....must be a character flaw or something ? Lol ! I have a hard time when it comes to listening to anything Liberals have to say. To me a liberal is self hating for some reason, and expects everyone else to be too. Americans are the most benevolent people on earth, and i'm tired of listening to all the morons (liberals) who badmouth their own country and countrymen because they hate their country for some bullshit reason or another. We need to stand up and re-claim our country. American Greatness will never die, unless we let it . The President we have now ( Obama) is probaly the worst mistake - social experiment gone mad that has ever happened to this great country. Personally, i'm gonna work with all the strength i have to see him voted out in 2012. If we get another 4 years of his "change" this American Republic as we know it will cease to exist.