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Janette Murchie
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My younger brother and I were allowed to be out playing around the neighbourhood with our friends until the street lights came on, that was our "curfew". They had absolutely no idea where we were - they just knew we were closeby. My kids? Not a chance! I can't even imagine the day when they'll be allowed to go to the park by themselves (what if they fell off something when I wasn't there? What if a creepy old man was there watching them, waiting for the perfect opportunity to take them?!) We never had helmets, we'd also sneak out of seatbelts (especially on long road trips), we'd ride our bikes all over hell's half acre, there were all kinds of things I used to do that my kids will never do (thank goodness!) I don't know how hubby and I will ever get to the point of learning to slowly (and I mean S-L-O-W-L-Y) letting go as our kids get older... eeeeek!!
LOL I have a "car organizer" too! AND a big long centre console (we have a van). The organizer is rarely touched and mostly empty, while the console gets stuffed with garbage, receipts, snack bags, pens, hair ties, napkins (new and used), and a couple spare diapers. LOL @ "petrified snacks"! We definitely have those! The sad thing is that our youngest daughter sees cookie crumbs and half-crackers, and picks them up and shoves them into her mouth before I can say "Yuk! Don't do that sweetie!" 3 kids aged 3 & under = no time to clean out car. I miss my clean, empty, leathery Audi! :( *sigh*
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Oct 13, 2011