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Ember Miller
Portland, OR
Geek. Writer. Redhead. Philosoraptor.
Interests: Photography, tarot, mysticism, archeology, classic monster movies, comics, wonder woman, arcade games, mythology, hoarder of bags, enabler of office organizational supplies, fountain pens, geeky tee shirts, the enneagram, shamanism, world religions, anthropology, yarn sn0b, seanan mcguire, neil gaiman, patricia briggs, octosharks, and simply wanting to take over the world.
Recent Activity
For years I did not have the money to get a computer. Anything that needed to get done was either regulated to my office's PC during my lunch hour or to a very generous friend's computer on the weekends. When the precious milestone arrived, I did my research. I read the reviews. I bought my first computer, a laptop. Not just any laptop, but a shiny WHITE 15" iBook. I loved how different it looked and how quickly I assimilated the creative and extremely intuitive OS. I created fangirl wallpapers, Livejournal icons, and headers on that iBook. I wrote my first NaNo novel. Today, I proudly tickle the keys of my four year old (or is it now five?) white, 13" MacBook. Yeah, I stuck with the white. It's refreshing to stand out in a crowd of steel gray and anodized black laptops. So far "Capt. Rio" (yes, I name my gadgets) has helped me write four more NaNo novels and a ton of blog entries. Not to mention help organize all my knitting patterns. Thanks Steve. You help me become the creative person I've always wanted to be.
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Sep 21, 2011
Damn straight. And a fine stout, it was too. *tosses in a piratical YARR for effect*
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Nicely done! And extra points for the Tempest pint glass. My favorite arcade game ON THE PLANET. When I had my bday party at Ground Kontrol, my friends couldn't keep me away.
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Sep 13, 2011