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Mike B passes the personality test but this is a "winning is the only thing" city where nice guys that finish second go to die. We're with him, win or tie. George L. isn't the first talk show tryout to rise to his level of inefficiency. There have been a few including a guy named Magic. Meanwhile, I hear they're still looking for the chosen one.
Not much accustomed to Springtime trade blogging but the machine is up and running... Understand why Pau is on the block, but 4 what it's worth... nothing, when his head and heart were in sync, you recall those last 2 banners?, the man could run the floor, which I hear is where we're headed. Kobe's had bad games, weeks, months. His game 7 last year was in that column. It happens. We aren't getting Bosh, Aldridge or Dirk, except in blog trade scenarios, so if Pau ain't "the man" he's at least our man to counter the 7 footer on the wing, which is the NBA in'12... if there is one. Personally, I think hope lies in Drew's knee brace. There were a couple times he looked like he would have been out months but the brace seemed to do it's thing. Go brace, Go Lakers.
In the "keepin' it real" category, Shaq's been retired for years. Real hasn't been what the PT Barnum of basketball was about. If they kept a quotable stat, and if they do I don't want to know about it though it wouldn't surprise me, he'd be the all time league leader.
Shaq was a Big Cog in the championship wheel, so big it sometimes tipped the balance. If you saw the press conference the day West announced Shaq, you could tell by the look on JW's face that he had worked a miracle he knew would change the course of events. 3 peats aren't miracles but they suffice in pro sports. The bigger miracle would have been keeping your head ala Kareem when it came time to give the team to Kobe. Absolutely, hang 34 from the rafters. Keep the Big Circus in town.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2011 on Lakers Report Card: Phil Jackson at Lakers Now