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We got 2 (D) prospects back. A tad disappointed but Lindstrom sucks
If no names are revealed in the next couple of hours my guess is because the players are being exposed to the rule 5 draft. In this case the Marlins will basically be receiving (C) and (D) levels prospects
I think we will get a (C+) prospect at best
Astros get: Lindstrom, Pinto Marlins get: Hunter Pence -------------------- haha........
Please let it be for Ross Seaton
If the marlins aren't asking for MadBum then what the hell is Sabean waiting for? I can understand if he wants to see what will happen with N Johnson but obviously he needs to try to get one or the other done so we can move on to see what we will do with the OF situation ------------------------- I think it might because the Marlins are looking for Thomas Neal, Dan Runzler, and a 3rd piece for Uggla (Maybe B.S, got this info from some "supposed" sources at another site) In reality I don't know what to believe
Sorry I misread one of your previous messages
McCarthy is garbage Cubangm? why would you want a okay/below average arm if the fish have volstad,west,sanchez,miller,vandenhurk....this makes NO SENSE. ----------------- McCarthy is not garbage. McCarthy is like Texas version of Anibal Sanchez. Lots of talent but can't stay healthy. Also Cantu is not more valuable than Uggla
Jorge Cantu for Brandon McCarthy and a (C) prospect sound pretty good. Heck I think I will do Jorge Cantu for Brandon McCarthy if medical records prove McCarthy arm won't fall off
Morrison without a doubt is presently a better prospect than Scheppers
I dont think baseball america agrees with you marlinsfan, since they rate prospects for a living I think I will go with them. Would any of the marlins prospects break the top 5 ranger prospects? Probably not. ----------------------- I would definitely take Smoak over Morrison. But...Mike Stanton is probably a top 5 prospect (in all of baseball)
"goofymarlin, quit smokin the goofy grass" I got a big LMAO out of that
The four teams, IMO, are the Giants, Os, Dodgers and a mystery Al team. The Giants and Dodgers both need/want his offense at 2B. The Os are a question to me. Unless he is playing 3rd, where does roberts go? I said mystery Al team simply because of his bat, although I think he is a 2b. Average glove and good bat... lakersdodgersyankees4life -------------------------- "From Buster Olney: Sources say Dodgers are essentially in lockdown financially. Their movement on players will be greatly restricted for the forseeable future, perhaps into next season." Don't know about the Dodgers....seem like they are having the major money woes. Not offering arby to R.Wolf was a????? and not a good sign.
Cuban, Why do you believe that is what it would take when you're saying two B prospects and a C from the Giants? Hernandez and Johnson/Patton are 2 B prospects, while Arrietta and Erbe are more A guys than B guys. At worst, Erbe is a B++. So you could throw in a C prospect reliever like Josh Perrault with Hernandez/Patton/Johnson and there you go. ------------------------ Hernandez was never a (B) prospect Patton was a (B) prospect before w/e surgery he had. He is about a (C) prospect right now and projected more as a reliver. S.Johnson is another (C) prospect. Would they have exposed him to the rule 5 draft if he was honestly a (B) prospect? As for Arrieta and Erbe Arrieta is a (B+) prospect at the moment. Scouts are mixes on whether he is a 3 starter or lights out relivers. Erbe is a (B) or (B-) prospect because of injuries. The only (A) prospects in your system are Tillman and Matusz. I would send you baseball america links but you have to be a member to read it.
If you havent read coghlan is staying in Left Field........and they plan to put bonifacio at 2nd ----------------------------- I don't believe they truly plan on doing that for one second. If that is the case and we are in fact that stupid then Bonifacio will remain the starting 2B until he falls flat on his face. The Marlins won't be trading for a starting 2b.
Hernandez would be good for you guys. He's a fly ball pitcher that would benefit from your spacious outfield. Plus, you'd have five years of him and he doesn't go to arbitration for another 2. He has the talent too. He got a little tired later in the year, but in back to back games in July, he gave up one run over 7 innings in Boston and then 1 run over six innings in Yankee Stadium. OtPossibilities --------------------------- I like Hernandez and I am sure the Marlins do as well but as a 2nd piece in a deal. I'll be willing to cut my penis off if I wrong.
we need a starting picther, and second baseman..... bonifacio wont cut it at 2nd! Posted by: goofymarlin | December 08, 2009 at 02:20 PM ------------------------- Coghlan will be our 2nd baseman and we have plenty of SP already. If anything we are looking for SP prospects, guys who will be ready in a yr or 2.
You guys can forget about Arrietta or Erbe. Those guys are part of the core group that MacPhail said he would not trade, especially for a short term player like Uggla. If you want to include another pitcher with Hernandez, you're probably looking more at Troy Patton or Steve Johnson. Posted by: OtPossibilities ------------------------ Not saying you guys should or would do this trade but that is what it would take. I still believe he ends up becoming a Giant for 2 (B) prospects, and another (C) prospect. Supposedly thats what the Giants are offering already but we want Bumgarner which is not going to happen.
Uggla is not worth Bumgarner. Bumgarner is an A prospect Would you trade Uggla for Mike Stanton? (Our RF prospect)
Hernandez,Erbe,and Turner for Uggla sounds good to me....what u think? goofymarlin ------------------------ Turner is not that valuable. (Potential is projected UT infielder and we have Bonifacio already) If Uggla ends up being and Oriole I suspect Britton or Arrieta will be a Marlin
I still believe Uggla end's up becoming a Giant by the end of the week but if the Marlins continue to ask for Bungarner then they should move on.
Still believe Uggla winds up being a Giant. From the O's I believe the Marlins would want Arrieta/Britton, Erbe/Hernandez, and a C+ / C prospect
Brandon McCarthy for Matt Lindstrom?? Would love that trade as a Marlin fan but I believe the Rangers could do better
na Marlins will trade Uggla to the Giants, thats what the Marlins Beat writer is saying. The Marlins said they will only trade with Giants if they get Bumgarner in return. Soooo Frisaro said the marlins will have to offer more players this is the trade I can see happening. Giants get: Uggla Anibal Sanchez Matt Lindstrom Marlins: Bumgarner Lower level prospect ----------------- I don't see this happening.
David Newmann pitched very well last year for the rays. With tampa it is always about how many years a player is under team control. They do a good job at it for a small market team. Both Newmann and Wade Davis will be fixtures in the rotation for years to come. They let Okamora go in a trade and he was a gold glove 2nd. baseman so I am not sure they want Uggla. We shall see. koufax55 ----------------- Pretty sure u r confusing David Newmann for Jeff Niemann. David Newmann is a (C) level prospect