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@Greggman, your reply to Scoble is exactly on target. Not a single one of Robert's examples of things that are easy to to on the iPad is a good example of the majority of things that billions of people do with a computer every single day at work. For the sake of argument, of course, we know that the nature of line-of-business applications can change over time to become iPad (or Surface) friendly, but if it ever happens, it's a change that will take place over a decade or more. Neither Apple nor Microsoft can count on it to move people onto touch computing platforms within the next few years. All the gushing in the world will not pull the wool over the eyes of everyday computer users, who can generalize from their own experience that, in 2012 and for the near future, the vast majority of interaction with the computer is going to be faster--much faster--with the keyboard and mouse than with a touchscreen. Where the touchscreen is better, it's pleasantly better than a keyboard and mouse. But where the keyboard and mouse are better, there's simply no honest comparison. @Nes Anderson makes a good point re: Metro. People with more than one screen will be vastly disappointed. Metro apps only fire up on your main screen. You cannot move them from one screen to the other, or run them on two screens at the same time. It's self-imposed limitations like this that will have otherwise-sane users waiting for the next opportunity to re-introduce Mr. Ballmer to a fresh dozen eggs.
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Jul 10, 2012