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Martha Garvey
My name is Martha Garvey, and I've written two books on pet health: My Fat Dog and My Fat Cat.
Interests: cats, dogs, nutrition, exercise, pets, animals, movies, T-Touch, Clicker Training, film, television, theater, erotica, free speech, Susie Bright, Jonathan Coulton
Recent Activity
At pretty much the very last minute, I found out that #Ham4Ham--the lottery for 10 dollar tickets to the hit musical Hamilton--was returning to the theater where the show is. For the last few months, because of the insane crowds,... Continue reading
Let us for a moment think on this: that when he was younger, Oliver Sacks was motorcycle hotness. Continue reading
The New York Times published an essay from Jenny Wilkinson, who writes about her experience both with the legal system and a university panel following her sexual assault on a college campus. This happened almost 20 years ago. The tag... Continue reading
Just another day in beautiful Jersey City. These colorful ladies, left to right, are Liz and Venus. The dignifed gentleman dog on the left is Remington (10), and the golden/color bombed lady dog on the left is Duchess. She is... Continue reading
Not in agreement with all of these. But mostly, yes. Continue reading
I try not to say this too often, but if you didn't visit/live in NYC inthe 1970s and 80s, you don't really have a clue about how hellish public spaces could get. Sometimes I just sit in Bryant Park and rub my eyes with my fists like a little kid: am I dreaming? Are the Greenmarket vendors at Union Square all actors? Did Will Smith just buy Washington Square Park and turn it into a movie set? Is this real life? Continue reading
Dueling Ellas. Look at their pure joy, absolute magic. And wasn't Ella a genius? Continue reading
Today, as a part of my job, I was lucky enough to read and re-read documents about the New Deal, a group of programs put into effect by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the depths of the Great Depression. William... Continue reading
Stopped by a local Hell's Kitchen joint to get batteries put in a couple of watches I own, including a bright pink slappy bracelet watch which, to be honest, was a steal--and I never wear it. The woman next to... Continue reading
favorite NYC street scene of the day @SweetCornerNYC— Michael Cerveris (@cerveris) July 7, 2014 Continue reading
Two women, a canoe, and a firecracker costume. Just your average 4th of July. Continue reading
Experiment with image map. Continue reading
Here's your creativity anti-vampire theme song. Bad words included this song. Or good words, depending on your demons. "You went to state school..." And be careful of the cuteness. Continue reading
I am thinking about this a lot as I try to, ahem, resurrect a couple of creative projects. I may post my favorite song about vampires later. Stay garlicky, my friends. And check out Austin Kleon's book, "How to Steal... Continue reading
Gym-spiration. #steallikeanartist #workout #likeagoddess from hobokenmartha Continue reading
If Mavis and I were doing this, she'd be on my back..doing upward dog. Continue reading
I want a farm where I can love all the unwanted pit bulls — Emily Banks (@emjbanks) August 8, 2013 Continue reading
She likes to sing, our Mavis. And wrestle. She is happy to be in the world, loves most dogs. And sometimes...she does this. Please feel free to translate. Continue reading
If you don't know who George Plimpton is, you will get a wonderful glimpse of his amazing life and career from this song by Jonathan Coulton. If you do, and you are feeling downhearted, this song will lift you up.... Continue reading
Let me be perfectly clear: The only thing that's different now from 20/50/100/1000 years ago is speed and scale. There have always been mobs, and rumors, and reporters so hungry for the scoop they don't check the source or confirm... Continue reading
My sister Charl scanned and sent this picture to me because a) it is AWESOME. And b) because I work at an ad agency and sometimes, when they are working on pitches, they send out a blanket email asking for... Continue reading
Let's get one thing straight. I wasn't supposed to make it to 17, let alone, well, now. I admit, right now, to anxiety about typing my actual age. People have all kinds of bullshit biases, and age discrimination exists... But... Continue reading
This is Calvin. A couple of months ago, his mom Gerri rescued him from Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City. Gerri says Calvin was covered in mange, and was "the sickest dog there." Not now. Last night, when they met... Continue reading
The age when you go to the dentist and it's only a filling and you beg him not to retire. The morning that starts with the peculiar gratitude for a sick puppy who is also very neat. The night that... Continue reading