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Mr Rushad: I don't want Mrs. Cardenas love, pity or prayers or thoughts. I want my government to recognize that I am a full equal citizen. She and the rest of the conservative movement have been witholding full equality under the law for LGBT people with their money, time, churches and religious conservative PAC MONEY. TAX FREE MONEY that has been used to villify, demonize, and scapegoat us from the day this country was founded. It's time for America to move on, recognize sexual minorities as a suspect class, recognize what every medical professional society in America confirms, that we are just as normal as anyone else on the planet, and grant us full partnership in our civil rights. What you and conservatives don't want to concede and admit is your religious nutbag stranglehold on our laws WHICH NEED TO GO. This country is for all citizens, not just those that believe in the myth of a deity and it's buybull based dogma.
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Mr. Cain, 1) Human Sexuality is innate as conclusively proven by the European Neurobiological Society 2) RELIGION IS A CHOICE and it is ever changing and capricious, and therefore, not proper to use as a starting or stopping point for public policy or law; and 3) Your religious bigotry is DEFINITELY YOUR CHOICE and should have no bearing on civil marriage or law. When you and yours, who by the way, were oppressed by the same piece of 1600 year old trash, come back to reality and live in the real world, give us a call.
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Too bad her personal ratings are so low it won't allow her to ever get into the WH. 49% of Americans think she's a fame whore of no political value.
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SPs eggs must have all been damaged. All of her children are mentally stunted.
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Nov 17, 2010