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Great job bro! I was expecting to see take-out or something, but you got in the kitchen and did it yourself. Awesome! Next Food Network star, perhaps?My personal experience with AUS Riesling has been less fruit, racy acidity, and a rather strong diesel edge. These have mainly been dry examples too. I will check this one out. Think I will borrow your recipe. Have a great week man :-) Dezel
Nice post Ben! You know I would love this, bro. As a teenager I was yelling in a punk band. I've noticed a lot of us wine geeks had a hard edge a 'lil' while ago. You would think swirling and sniffing wine geeks would have had Toto, Asia, and Europe in the tape deck when we wanted something with a little edge back in the day. But it's all about the Pistols, Dead Boys, Dolls, The Shirts, Heartbreakers, Clash, Bad Brains, Sham 69, Exploited, Misfits, Television, etc ...and oh yeah, that's my favorite Ramones song. Good thing Joey held grudges. Speaking of Ramones, remember when Dee Dee tried to be a rapper? Chk that on YouTube. Freaking hilarious! Cheers :-) Dezel
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2010 on Wine is So Punk Rawk at Vinotology Wine Blog
Glad on I landed on the good side the equation :-) Look forward seeing your Pinotage review, bro. Thanks for participating in the party! Cheers :-) Dezel
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Feb 12, 2010