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I think someone said that only 5% of coders are any good. If that's true it means the market for them is only close to 5%, since they are the main ones who could judge appropriately. Everyone else is just guessing. Now if everyone knew *some* programming, the situation might be different. I'm not just saying this to cover my own ass. I sincerely believe the quality of life of everyone can be raised, if they understood a little bit about how things can be automated. It's also a skill of concentration. You learn to keep much larger systems in your head. It helps you use your brain in ways that you otherwise wouldn't. Anyhow, It's just a tool, I want the job-description of programmer to disappear, just like most of the writing jobs once did, when people learned how to write themselves. I feel people are severely limiting themselves by giving something a name, calling it "hard" and therefore not learning anything about it. The average person knows *nothing* about programming, contrast that to plumbing, where everyone at least knows enough to do some little chores, like connecting a washer or a tap, and they know that a leak is bad. Now, a memory leak... people don't even know if it's bad or why. So, in contrast to plumbing, people aren't even qualified to order a programming job. What does that do to our markets? What can be so hard about learning one letter and 32 keywords ;) To Kevin Carlson: I believe you'd have a much easier time finding a job as a tester. The job description is very misleading, since testers typically do most of the chore-like (and easier) programming jobs. At most places I've worked at, the pay is almost the same. (I for one, welcome our new programmer overlords)
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Pagination was the single most annoying thing that happened to the web during the 90's, that is, until people started doing the horrible AJAX ad-hoc page loading. The whole idea of arbitrarily feeding a user small chunks of data somehow doesn't smell right. The user should be the one to decide if they want to see those 200k hits on one page. I don't want to get back to my browser just to see it hasn't loaded everything, and that I still have to wait if I click somewhere. A single hit might not be enough, maybe the user needs all those hits for their search? Remember, searching is just a hack to work with unstructured information, designed to prolong our inevitable fall into the chaos which is the web.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2012 on The End of Pagination at Coding Horror
Why are people so opposed to what in essence is learning on a 4th graders level? Are you opposed to putting kids in school? Teaching them maths? Programming is in no way different, it's just problem solving, using our most modern tools. A programmers job is to solve problems according to their (other) primary area of expertise, not spoonfeeding folks who don't know what they are doing. In any given program, "Usability" is directly att odds with "Usefulness", the extremes at the opposing sides of the scale. And the only way to shorten the distance between the two is by simplifying the program to its' bare necessities, whereby requiring the user to have some skill in how computers work. And the only way to really understand how computers work... (you guessed it) is by learning programming.
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Jun 1, 2012