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I agree with what you're saying. You gotta have class. But, Pietrus was jacking up threes when the game was long gone out of hand. The Suns didn't walk up the ball the last few possessions. The were looking to score. I guess Rondo figured he'd do the same. As for how he acted...i think he's taken a page from KG's book...if you're gonna thoroughly defeat someone, you're gonna get in their head to do in point...him sticking his head in the Miami Heat huddle a few weeks back...or guarding LeBron for stretches by really getting in his's being an ass in many ways...but also mentally messing with your opponent ( another e.g. being KG making Al jefferson walk after they'd just traded trash talk in the Minnesota game)...
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I'm guessing they haven't had enough season ticket holders renew their tickets for next season so they gotta make Dudley and Brooks seem like out-of-this-world players that you just gotta, absolutely, MUST see live.
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I watched the game on League Pass and they had the Suns broadcasters just ripping into the Celtics. Scott Williams thought KG raising up his shorts and clapping at Nash was "classless" & then Tom Leander brings up Krstic throwing a chair just to show how the Celtics are a bunch of thugs..haha...I know Mike & Tommy might not be the most objective but literally finding things to hate about the opposing team while YOUR team is being blown out is plain "classless"...freakin ridiculous!
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Mar 3, 2011