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A lot of feelings stir-up when one brings the immigration issue to the table. Many believe that immigrants take jobs that were meant for Americans and pose a great threat to the welfare of Americans, while others, like the Utah solution supporters, believe they are only taking jobs that no Americans are interested in upholding and are only in the United States to have a better life. First of all, it would take too much money to deport all of the immigrants in the United States; and it’s time we all realize that no matter what anyone does, these people are and will continue to enter the United States. Personally, I believe that the Utah solution is the way to go. By providing work permits to undocumented immigrants and their immediate families, having them pay a fine, making a criminal background check and in turn have them study English would be the perfect approach to not only the hard working immigrants who are here with good intentions but would help in weeding out the criminal immigrants that have been causing the whole problem. The whole issue has gotten out of proportion and it has gone from a public concern to just a way of supporting racial comments and actions against immigrant workers. This all needs to stop and everyone needs to remember how they all came to live in the United States.
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Mar 11, 2011