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This book seems like a waste of money to me, because the way Ulmer makes it sound, Europe is one big homogeneous mass, which is simply not true. The EU has a population of close to 500 million, but it's made up of 27 countries with different tastes. Not taking that into account is ignorant. Working for the association of the biggest market's chain of movie distributors, I can tell you people make fun of e. g. Pacino's bad dye job and fake teeth. On the other hand, people in Europe do know who Zac Efron is. HSM did very well in theaters and on DVD, not just in GB but also in countries where the dialogue (but not the songs) were dubbed. Efron has been on many covers of teen mags and his interviews have appeared on TV. I wonder how old his data is and how many people worked on collecting it.
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I found Hatchard's in the mid-eighties, through Books for Cooks. I was in London on business, only had two days there, and BfC could supply most of what I had on my list but not everything. It was before the Internet, so I had no other chance to get what I wanted until I'd come back to London from my hometown in Germany on another trip :-(. But one of the cooks there, actually the author of the book I especially wanted to get (that's what I found out during our exchange and that BfC had run out of it a few minutes before my arrival) said she knew Hatchard's had what I was looking for, even called ahead to have it put on hold. Eventually I had to get a suitcase for my books (H's had lots of fiction on sale, and books on gardening and...), as I only had carry-on luggage with me. The British Airways guy at the check-in counter asked me why that thing was so heavy, "What have you got in there, bricks?" - "No, books" - "Don't they have books in Germany?" The suitcase was a lot heavier than the 20(?) kilograms I was allowed to take with me, but he didn't charge me anything! And I've listened in to a fair share of odd exchanges there over the years, usually highly amusing for the eavesdroppers!
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