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Happy Birthday Wil. Wow it only seems like yesterday when I found your blog. Maybe I'll have to stick my STAND BY ME Special Edition DVD and watch you. My favorite lines? There are so many of them! BTW did you see the WillPower newsletter that my friend tweeted? I have every single newsletter and etc. (I have a folder full of articles, pinups and etc of you when you were a teen idol of the 80's and early 90's) I'm only missing my WillPower T-Shirt I lost...So happy birthday Wil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wil please have evilwheaton check twitter as requested my friend litlbit2001 uploaded part 1 and 2 of one of the newsletters that were send when I was in your fan club (run by your mom and family) while I was living in Puerto Rico. I have saved everything from the fan club except my Willpower T-Shirt I lost when I moved! I'm still grieving over that. Please let evilwheaton know if he would like to see more newsletters and I can tell my friend to scan them for me. BTW Happy Birthday Wil.
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I don't know where my post went but I was a member of the Wil Wheaton Fan Club your mom ran and still have all of the newsletters and etc. I'm only missing my WIL POWER T-Shirt I lost when I moved. I was in Puerto Rico as a nanny from 1987-1991. I remember I never got my T-Shirt and I had moved back to the US and your mom finally sent me the T-Shirt. I loved that T-Shirt. I also became a fan when I saw you in Stand By Me in 1987 on Showtime when we were at the grandma's house, then later it came on HBO or Cinemax and I watched it with the two boys I took care of. Because of american TV they now speak both spanish and english. My friend litlbit2001 has a twitter and follows you. I saw alot of your movies on VHS and on the premium channels when I lived in Puerto Rico. I also followed you when you played Wesley. I stopped watching when you left. The two boys were sad when you left the show, but were happy to watch you in the movies I let them watch. Remember THE CURSE. So yeah I still have all of those newsletters and all of the stuff I collected of you. I can't seem to want to throw it all away. Sorry for the double post. BTW the kids loved Nickelodeon and would beg me to turn it on for them. They loved all of the shows and were also introduced to Jerry O'Connell when they showed MY SECRET IDENTITY on sundays. They loved that show as much as I did.
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I was in Puerto Rico as a nanny (in 1987-1991) when I would watch Nickelodeon with the two boys. They learned English watching American tv on cable. Oh yeah I was also one of your members from you Wil Wheaton fan club that your mom ran when I was in Puerto Rico and when I moved back to the US. I wish I hadn't lost my WIL POWER fan club T-Shirt when I moved! I loved that shirt! I became a fan when you were in Stand By Me and then I was watching all of the other movies you were in on VHS and on HBO, CINEMAX and Disney. I also watched Star Trek until you left then I stopped. The boys and I only watched because of you and when you left...they said "Where's Wesley?" That Nickelodeon video brought back memories. BTW my friend lit'l Bit wishes you would follow her so she could tweet you. (Her user name is litlbit2001)
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Maybe Ferris learned his lesson? LOL. I just wanted to tell you Wil that yesterday afternoon I got so bored I put in Stand By Me. I have the special edition and watched the music video and Walking the Tracks: The Summer of Stand By Me before I watched the movie and I can never get tired of watching the movie, because of that movie I became a fan of yours way back in 1986/87. (I caught the middle to the end on showtime by accident.LOL) I also watched Lost Boys too just because those two movies including The Goonies are my most favorite movies for the 80's and I can never get tired of watching them. Just thought I'd tell you that Wil. I have so much vintage Wil from the 80's I have collected. I really should make a scrapebook with it all. I'm just missing my Wil Power t-shirt I misplaced I got from your fan club way back when. LOL. I can't find the t-shirt. *pouts*
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In 1978 I was 14 years old years old. I was in junior high, living in South Carolina at the time. LOL. I had one favorite teacher that was very kind to me, but when I was in grade school I had one teacher that was so mean to me that I wondered why he was even a teacher. He was so mean he even physically hit me or pinced me. I don't remember if he was fired or anything, I just remember more than my brothers and sisters do when it comes to childhood memories. Anyway I'm glad the teacher put your butterfly back where it belonged. It wasn't your fault either. *gives little Wil's memory a hug*
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Good job and tell Kris I'm sending da mojo!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear about everything. So rest and take it easy and then give us the 411 on the race!
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Hey Wil, I'm new. I was born in 1964 so for me it was alittle different, but I hear ya on the Poltergeist movie! Creepy movie. Oh those were the times when life was simple for me. Not having to worry and lock your doors. Of course I was born alot sooner then you and was more grown then you in the 70's and 80's. I hope you write more of your childhood memories. It's refreshing to know that you grew up as a normal kid who also did have a acting career and you didn't have the child actor turned....(you can fill in the blanks.) Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Here's something from mine. A birthday party I went to at the movie theatre in 1976 (I was 11) and the first movie I saw at a movie theatre? Bugsy Malone with Scott Baio and Jodie Foster. It was the first time I'd ever been to a movie theatre in my life and everytime I watch that movie it brings back such great memories.
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