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Naomi Gower
Yo! What be up in this hizzay?
Interests: Guys! DUH! Lol jk Books, Shows, WIL FREAKIN WHEATON! lol.Uh well I guess a lot of stuff. I am a geek so I am attracted to other geeks. I like guys with REALLY BIG BEARDS! lol. guys who play LOTRO I am gonna delete my Character named Ninluth and make a NEW NINLUTH.
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Oh Wil, I love this. I have to say I have never seen this before. But this is interesting. I watched it Fifteen times! hahahahah Love ya Wil! OH! And my sister got me "Just a Geek" for christmas! of course my number one this on my christmas list was literally 1. Wil wheaton in my bedroom by christmas eve. but that didn't turn out. oh well. hhhahaha love yah wil, and Merry Christmas!
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I love the Picture. Caption: Smurfette is really happy with all these "Dazzaling" Men. She literally said this as a reply "OHHHH YEAH ORGY TIME!" I love you Wil! But not an a creepy way......Okay maybe in a creepy way.
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Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2010 on The Guild: Season 4 at WWdN: In Exile
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Jul 11, 2010
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Jul 11, 2010