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Wow, this came out of nowhere. Cant wait to see how people take to it. I second Brad Westness' question about how this integrates with search engines.
I'm really not a fan of this post, you're worst I've seen if I'm honest. Raging on how your tasks are thankless, soul-draining exercises is hardly reason enough to run around screaming todolists are the devil. If you've got the ability to remember every single things you need doing, or only happen to ever need to do things that take 5 minutes of your time and so therefore can be done right away, then fine todolists are unecessary for you. But forthe real world, task lists/todo lists are a necessity. I agree that depending on a new program to solve the issues of your current are liekly to be more of an issue with the person than the program, and that todolists arent always appropriate (calendar notifications are always better for things than cannot be done until a certain time, or must be done on a certain occasion). Also for very large tasks, you're almost always better off breaking apart the task into smaller tasks (see: GTD). If you're going to be doing a full on project, you're not only better off breaking it into multiple tasks, but probably better off with a Gantt chart, so you can delegate tasks and synchronise timing. Todolists aren't a new thing, before apps, we had paper and pen, and before the average person could write we had handkerchiefs to tie knots in. There is always a necessity to have a way of remembering to do something, no one's memory is 100% perfect. Yes there's an over saturation of todo list apps, and yes systems masquerading as games which in reality are chores are terrible. To me it just sounds like you've decided to not rage on todolists so much, more specifically on lifehacker. Fine, don't visit it. I don't. I have higher priority things to do.
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Oct 5, 2012