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Nathanael Jones
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I suggest using CloudFront even for low-traffic sites. It's hard to beat the responsiveness of Amazon's network for static files. I didn't use to care until I moved to italy - it's always fast enough from the USA. Now my sites are on a CDN. One of the challenges with CloudFront is that they strip the querystring - the workaround is to use ';' instead of '?' and '&'. Technically, ';' is a W3C valid alternative to '&', so it's not as evil as it sounds. Anyhow, I have a CloudFront plugin for the http://ImageResizing.Net project now that handles all of that - works great - I get dynamic image resizing behind a fast caching system. My cloud front distribution is Try a sample URL and mess with the querystring - notice how responsive it is:;width=500
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Aug 15, 2011