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Those are serious headaches. But I've always been mystified by your hatred for email. Can you propose a better system? It has to meet the following requirements 1) Your address can be public, so anybody can send to you without having an explicit prior relationship. This opens the door for spammers, but also job applicants, customers, etc. 2) A message can be private - readable only by recipients 3) A message can have multiple, explicit recipients - not 'whoever happens to read it' 4) Receivers are notified when they receive messages and can respond to the sender, other recipients, etc 5) Receivers are able to archive and search their sent and received messages 6) Message storage can be in the cloud or on a local machine, whichever suits your purposes I'm sure there are other advantages of email. Yes, young people are using text messages and whatnot. But what's good for 'hey whos brylie dating today lol' isn't necessarily good for serious communications. And I bet those same kids use email when they start their careers. Email encryption on both ends would help with identification and privacy. And I'm not that familiar with Google Wave; maybe it's a better system. But your suggestions like "use Twitter instead!" are just not practical for many use cases. So here's a post I'd love to see: Jeff's detailed proposal to replace email with something better.
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Apr 21, 2010