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Astra Navigo
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Greta, it takes some courage to admit that one's basic tribal 'wiring' takes over from time to time. If I'm to be completely honest with myself, I'll admit that there's a little "if-everyone-else-believes-it-this-must-be-true" in my head from time to time - it's hard to be part of a 10% minority, even if we are genuinely smarter than the rest. In this case, however, I've been sleeping well at night. The reason? Leaving Biblical interpretation and the fact that 90% of Americans seem to believe at least parts of that book, I come back to this: Harold Camping is batshit-crazy. This is where the hindbrain is overruled by the centers of logic and reason: (1) If Camping is batshit-crazy, then (2) anything he says is called into question, and (3) following him at all is completely out of any question. Have fun at the party. Wish I could join you (but Portland to California on short-notice is a bit expensive)....
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"Atheist movement"? Greta; c'mon now. I'm an atheist. That means I don't believe in anyone's sky-fairies or Imaginary Friends. Period. I don't recall signing up for any 'movement'. In fact, the only thing I have in common with most atheists is that none of us 'believe'. 'Movement'? Not me....
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May 4, 2011