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Russ Steele
Russ is a systems engineer, freelance writer. Lt Col, USAF (Ret)
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Lowell Robinson was a community pillar that will be missed. I interviewed him several times on economic issues and found his insight to be very helpful in understanding the core of an issue, especially transportation, timber and environmental issues. We will all miss his wisdom and insight.
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Steven, Proving once again there is no such thing as free speech on lefty blogs, Facebook pages or twitter sites. They are giant echo chambers, void of any contrary ideas or thought.
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Walt, We did a turkey forThanksgiving on the BBQ. Brined the bird over night, then put it on the BBQ rotisserie. It was the most awesome bird we have ever eaten at our house. Will do it again this coming year.
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I agree with fish, Lucille's seems to lost it's edge. Our last visit was a big disappointment. Locally try Smiiey Guy's in the old Brier Patch building. Good beer, good brisket and fantastic french fries.
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Shantytown Sweden The welfare-state country finds itself engulfed by international beggars. Citizens of Sweden—a welfare-state society—probably never thought that they would see the day when shantytowns dotted their major cities. Recent years have seen an enormous influx of beggars from other European countries; in the past year alone, the number of vagrants from Romania and Bulgaria has doubled, to 4,000. Their arrival is a consequence of the European Union’s principle of the free movement of persons—a well-meaning policy but one that, at least in this case, has produced the sight of scores of beggars sitting outside supermarkets, drugstores, and upscale boutiques, hoping that someone will leave a coin in their 7-Eleven coffee mugs. They beg in the most affluent districts, where the social contrast between the person kneeling in the street and the passersby toting Luis Vuitton bags becomes almost perverse. In the evenings, the indigent—some with terrible physical disabilities—retreat to the shantytowns or to some other form of shelter. Some may be victims of human trafficking, as suggested by the “rent” they pay criminal compatriots for their begging spaces. Liberalism has consequences.
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This one is for Steven Frisch: Bishop Hill points us to this video of the Tesla Supercharging station at the Harris Ranch exit of Interstate 5 in California. He writes: “How can one resist posting a video of Tesla electric cars being recharged (so it is claimed) using a diesel generator? These people love the environment you see.” The video shows a portable diesel generator next to the charging station and some Tesla automobiles. Video is HERE.
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I wrote about Common Core Junk Science in our Schools HERE and HERE last June and July. Nevada County schools are preparing our children for a world that only exist in the minds of Liberal/ Progressives. When they graduate they are not able to deal with the real world, unable to get a jobs and they have to live with mom and dad. How sad that California schools are failing our children, thus placing an additional burden on mom and dad. You would think that the moms and dads in Nevada County would be paying more attention to the crap that is being taught to their children. They deserve what they get for being passive consumers an undereducated, job less young adult living in their basement.
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JOY PULLMANN: The Civil Disobedience Charles Murray Wants Has Already Arrived. The federal do-gooders who framed No Child Left Behind back in 2001 never envisioned that parents would take exception to their mandate that every child in grades three through eight (and once in high school) face annual math and reading tests. So the law is entirely silent on what happens if, as is happening now for the first time, thousands of parents across the country pull their kids in protest. It’s hard to convey just how extraordinary this is. So here are a few snippets from just the past week’s news. In Germantown, Wisconsin, 62 percent of public-school students are sitting out tests. The district has been a hotbed of Common Core opposition, with a local school board among one of the handful nationwide to reject Common Core and decide to run with its own, higher-quality, curriculum. In Maine, “Cape Elizabeth saw 32 percent of its eighth-graders, 18 percent of its seventh-graders and 64 percent of its high school juniors opt out. There are many examples of high opt out rates across the state, but a reliable statewide tally isn’t yet available.” A bill to secure parents’ right to excuse their kids from mandatory tests recently passed the Delaware House 36 to 3 after a blaze of opt-outs left local schools scrambling. “A wide-ranging bill that would eliminate [national Common Core] tests in Ohio and limit state achievement tests to three hours per year passed the House 92-1 on Wednesday,” reported the Columbus Dispatch. This is nowhere near a set of isolated incidents. In Washington state, every single junior at Nathan Hale High School (natch) refused state tests this spring. Somewhere around 200,000 children refused tests this spring in New York and, contrary to race-baiting from U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, substantial numbers of these defiant parents were not white rich people. FairTest, a lefty organization not keen on rigorous data, nevertheless keeps compiling an impressive number of similar news stories each week. What does this mean? Does it matter? While the opt-out numbers are unprecedented in American history, they still represent a very small proportion of U.S. schoolkids. I think they do matter, and that they signal many Americans are ready for Murray’s civil disobedience project. Are you ready?
Joe Smith@03:10PM That was in summer of 2013. Northern Sea Route Primarily Carries Oil, Much of the Cargo Involving Russia Cargo shipping volume through the Northern Sea Route is rising as Arctic ice melts, according to a new report. The opening up of the Arctic for commercial cargo offers a faster route for some shipments between Europe and Asia, and holds the promise of increased trade for once icebound ports in the High North of Arctic countries such as Russia, Norway and Canada. However, much of the new traffic through the Northern Sea Route is one-way shipments of fossil fuels from Northern Europe to Asia or is between Russian ports, according to a report to be released Friday (Oct. 31) by the Arctic Institute, a Washington think tank. Ice details can be found here:
Some pushback against Obama’s ridiculous climate remarks at the Coast Guard commencement By Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger and Patrick J. Michaels Did human-caused climate change lead to war in Syria?Based only on the mainstream press headlines, you almost certainly would think so. Reading further into the articles where the case is laid out, a few caveats appear, but the chain of events seems strong. The mechanism? An extreme drought in the Fertile Crescent region—one that a new study finds was made worse by human greenhouse gas emissions—added a spark to the tinderbox of tensions that had been amassing in Syria for a number of years under the Assad regime (including poor water management policies). It is not until you dig pretty deep into the technical scientific literature, that you find out that the anthropogenic climate change impact on drought conditions in the Fertile Crescent is extremely minimal and tenuous—so much so that it is debatable as to whether it is detectable at all. This is not to say that a strong and prolonged drought didn’t play some role in the Syria’s pre-war unrest—perhaps it did, perhaps it didn’t (a debate we leave up to folks much more qualified than we are on the topic)—but that the human-influenced climate change impact on the drought conditions was almost certainly too small to have mattered. In other words, the violence would almost certainly have occurred anyway. More here:
You can read a rebuttal of the President's Climate Speech distortions here:
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George, I find Tyler Cowen's tranformation on the issue of systemic unemployment fascinating. He seemed to resist the thought of systematic unemployment when you first proposed the idea three or four years ago, but now he seems to be more open minded and accepting of the possibility. RR rocks!
Lets see if I get this right. Pelline comes here and creates a mess and then is going to broadcast the mess on his blog with few readers. On the other hand, the thinking people will see through Jeff like he was a transparent curtain blowing in a Sierra breeze. While the progressive left may pat Jeff on the back, they will only revealing their lack of ability to think clearly. Thinking people will see the good that SESF does in the community. It is obvious that Jeff does not. It is telling that none of the other lefty folks, who often comment on RR, are missing from the conversation to support Jeff's view of SESF.
Jeff@01:59PM You wrote "so you quiz the kiddos about Common Core while they're trying to take a math test." Let me be real clear, conversation with the students took place while we were waiting for everyone who sighed up to arrive. I asked two Common Core questions. One how did the computers work during testing, as I have been helping schools get broadband upgrades, and how do you like Common Core. It was a conversation when passing the time, not an interrogation. Once the exam started there was no conversation or discussion with the students, other then reminded them the time was nearly up at 30 min,15 min and 5 min. There were four girls from Mt St Mary's from the advanced math class. I was told that your son was in that advance math class. Sorry that he could not make it to Tech Test Jr and compete with the other top students in the County. He could have given you some insight to what really went on in the NU Science Theater during the exam, you are only projecting what went on in your own liberal/progressive mind.
Barry, Thanks for your help on TTJr yesterday. Dave and I appreciate your timely assistance.
JeffP@10;17PM It was not an interview, it was a simple straight forward question that I ask my grandkids, and any other young people I meet. I am just interested in how Common Core is being received by students. I did not share my opinion with the students. I also asked the whole group if they watch TED Talk videos? Again, just interested in how young people view our world.
TechTestKr2015 TechTest Jr was successfully completed this morning in the NU Science theater. Sixteen 7th and 8th graders participated in the examination and took home some science related prizes. It was an even mix of male and female students. The ladies all arrived early and the young men straggled in at the last minute. The top two prizes were claimed by young ladies, the Quadcopters being a big hit with number one and number two. They never paused to look at the robots, the electronic snap kits, or the microprocessors. Of the seven prizes awarded five went to young ladies, a mix of robots and microprocessor kits. Mount St Mary’s won the participation prize again this year with the highest participation rate. Last year was the first time the participation prize was awarded. The two largest middle schools did not participate in this brain bending contest. The lack of participation continues to baffle David Pistone and I. We advertised the contest in the schools bulletins and posters on the information boards. There were no Seven Hills winners this year, having dominated last three years. They maybe missing Mr Sharp who was a strong promoter of TechTest. While we were waiting for the young men to arrive I asked the ladies how they like Common Core. The universal response was “I hate it” “STAR testing was much better,” said one young lady.
What happened to "no boots" on the ground? BEIRUT (AP) -- U.S. commandos mounted a rare raid into eastern Syria overnight, killing a senior Islamic State commander in a firefight, capturing his wife and rescuing a Yazidi woman held as a slave, the Pentagon said Saturday.
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Gregory@4:56PM I can tell you something about two winners. The first is a young lady who was a second place winner in the first TechTest, She did not have any plans to attend college. Her parents wanted her to find a boy and get married, she said. A board member mentored her, creating an intership in his office so she could attend Sierra College. She completed two year at SC and enrolled at Sac State in engineering. Last year she gradated as a civil engineer and found a job in the testing lab at a concrete pipe company in Rocklin. The second winner graduated from Bear River and went to Berkeley and was chosen as a Rhodes Scholar and is currently in England studying micro-biology if I remember correctly. I would like to know more about all of our winners.
FROM CARLY FIORINA’S BOOK, Rising To The Challenge: California is now the home of 111 billionaires, with assets greater than the entire gross domestic product of all but 24 countries in the world. It’s also home to the highest poverty rate in the country. In between, the middle-class that survives is largely composed of government employees–the very bureaucrats who have milked the middle class of the private economy into virtual extinction. I am beginning to like this lady more and more! She is a straight talker.
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Readers, You can make the infographic larger by clicking in it,making the text much easier to read. I recommend that you share the URL for this infographic, as it tell a compelling story. Murray's book will be released at Amazon on 12 May 2015. I have preordered the Kindle edition, to appear like magic on all my reading devices. I predict this will be one of the books we will be discussing all year long.
I posted Charles Murray’s field guide to civil disobedience at Sierra Foothills Commentary here:
Elections have consequences. The lefty global warmers were soundly defeated in the latest UK election. The Conservative Party’s victory in the UK General Election means that it will be able to put its own man in at the top of the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The result of the election should help to move forward the establishment of an onshore shale gas industry in the UK as the Conservatives are fully behind drilling for shale gas in the country. —David Cameron, 10 Downing Street, 13 January 2014 A key part of our long-term economic plan to secure Britain’s future is to back businesses with better infrastructure. That’s why we’re going all out for shale. It will mean more jobs and opportunities for people, and economic security for our country. How if we could get a similar regime change in California.
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George, The Kelly File on Fox News had a long segment on the civil asset forfeiture law and the impact on small business last night. They used as an example a mom and pop store that sold fish sandwiches, gas and cigarettes. The owner was making deposits under $10,000, as he said to avoid the hassle of filling out the federal paper work for deposits over $10,000. Megan Kelly promised the owner that she would stay on the story until his money was returned. The feds took his account of $107,000 dollars, of which their were $60,000 in checks written to suppliers that bounced. It put him out of business, until family and friends help raise some operating cash.
Reference the Update. See California Drought Report #14 While you are there check out some of the other California Drought Reports.