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Nicole Reynolds
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Last night's many-times-oversubscribed mixer certainly lived up to the buzz that has been gathering over the past week or so. I would agree with the suggestions put forth here about charging a fee, having a seperate room for a speaker and Q&A format or even a invite only list. Perhaps even having more events, some free some by special invitation, would keep the crowds down bit. It was actually difficult to move around and work the room since it was so crowded. I was rather taken aback by some comments earlier with regard to the behavior of the crowd when being asked to keep the noise down that displayed an astonishing attitude of entitlement. While I agree that this might not have been the venue for an interview, the fact is that we were all guests at the event and showed absolutely no respect to Mr. Crovitz who probably has better things to do than talk to starry-eyed dotcom millionaire hopefuls. We were really lucky to have him show up and give us his time so I hope next time people are a little more mindful of that. Separately, I want to commend Rafat and his team at ContentNext for the tremendous work they are doing. I think it's the best source on the Internet for new media news.