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Wow. I was so excited as I read, what you were doing sounds so great, I could already see using it at Then I read the comments. Ruby? Sigh.
Google Wave, lol. ;) Me too... I agree completely with you and have never been a fan of those sites myself, although Hacker News is something I plunge into because I feel like I have to. Twitter, as you say, has some annoying execution but does nail a few key elements. I'd like to say we're looking at everything out there in the niche and working to offer something new and fun at but also Twitter cofounder so-and-so has created something new called Medium, I'm sure you've heard of. Micro blogging, real time EFFECTIVE chat and communication, are all trendy, lucrative markets that many startups will be targeting with unique and game changing offerings. GREAT ARTICLE! Thomas @NE1UP
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Dec 14, 2012