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Hi Wil, Just want to say (and I don't even know where to start) that I really enjoyed the interview, and above that, that as I am sure you have for many others, you have been a really instrumental part of helping me get through very difficult times in my past. I am half Japanese / American, and I was born in and grew up in Japan (still here to this day), and well, to keep from getting too detailed and rambling, it was very hard for me growing up in many different ways, and being accepted for who I was.. was not something that happened.. for a number of reasons.. but one of my very few spots of happiness was watching Star Trek (along with reading and gaming).. and it may sound silly, but I remember seeing your character in the show, and I was always so impressed, and for many reasons I felt safe in an odd sort of way, watching your character's interactions. Anyways, I am a relatively new reader of your site, but even now reading your entries and your thoughts gives me the motivation to get through my days, and I just want you to know that what you are doing really does have such a positive effect on many, many people's lives, and I hope that you can feel some sense of meaning from that, that you can know that you are truly appreciated, and that life will treat you well in the future too. Take care, and who knows, someday I might get lucky enough to meet you in person, although quite a number of very unlikely pre-requisites that would have to take place before it became a reality hehe.
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Jul 6, 2010