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How could you have forgotten to mention to greatest innovation of all? Robots who can walk quickly.
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In the moral ledger of DW, Katy Manning with that performance has almost, but not quite, wiped out the side-splittingly hilarious (CRACK - oops, there goes another rib) lickle schoolgirl voice with which she's had us rolling in the aisles for years. By the way, just imagine that Patterson Joseph had beaten Tennant to the role and Chewitel Ejiofor had beaten Matt Smith. I suppose it would have had to be Luke backing him down the air conditioning, asking: "So, can you be white?" I'm glad to see that, in exchange for the military being perpetually painted as neo-Nazis in DW, they're at least being given the occasional wonderfully telling stiletto of a line to slip between the ribs of our heroes. Colonel Mace gets his lock n load speech taking a sideswipe at the Doctor with his "any alien with a grudge line". Father Octavian gets his: "You and your little blue box" line. And Colonel Thingummy of UNIT gets the delicious: "I've never met anyone so insufferably pious." You can see their point.
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***He’s now something big in Big Finish, and has Katy Manning on speed-dial.*** I don't understand. You mean you haven't? I thought everyone had. ;)
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I thought that they did away with Erato's end as it was causing too many dirty jokes.
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I must confess that stuff like "X turns out to be the Doctor's brother" usually tends to put me off. There's a point at which you can overegg the pudding in trying to produce links to existing canon and it comes across to me as a lack of confidence on the writer's part and a bit van Stattenish in dragging the Doctor down to Earth and burying him under the dirt of someone else's plot device. Here's the Doctor's daughter/mother/brother/granddaughter might be meant to make him more interesting but I find it often succeeds only in making him less mysterious - one of the reasons I avoided fan-fic in the wilderness years.
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Ooooh, I like it in spite of myself as I've always shied away from the New Adventures/Virgin Books/etc malarkey. It's quite Lara Croft (she even has etheric beam locators) and the robot is quite 2000ADy. Is this animation the way the Bernice S stuff is going or just a one-off promotion for it?
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Sep 1, 2010