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Images that don't immediately reveal the technique behind them is probably number one for me (I'm glad to see that super-DHR seems to be dying away, but maybe it's just being replaced with excessive use of the 'clarity' slider...'), followed by consistency; I err towards muted over the hyper-real, I think. I very much like the colours - and use of colour (this is perhaps key) of Niall McDiarmid's portrait images from London and the UK:
The bag I'm looking for isn't so much a camera bag as a going-to-work bag, that has a compartment to hold a camera safely (a Fuji X-E1 at the moment, though room for a DSLR + prime lens would be good), along with everyday stuff: a book, iPad maybe, headphones, notepad, etc. A rucksack rather than a shoulder/messenger bag. And I've still not found it yet. Any pointers out there?
I think you're right. For me, Aperture and Firefox both come very close to what I want, but not quite. (I was completely fine with Aperture until I bought a Sony RX100 and discovered its RAW conversion couldn't deal with the barrel distortion).
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Jun 10, 2013