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Is there a sense of how long the P600 and P800 while remain current? ie when are they likely to be replaced? I guess printers get updated less frequently than cameras, but I have a history of inadvertently buying cameras just before the manufacturers announce a replacement model...
I am very tempted to get one of these (or the P800!), but space is an issue. Do they need much room around them beyond their actual physical footprint (particularly behind)? I'm wondering if I can squeeze one in to the limited space I have available.
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This seems to be particularly relevant to the interests of readers who are on the cusp of buying a portrait lens and who live in a country that's just dramatically tanked its own currency for no obvious rational return. Maybe I should order that 60mm sooner rather than later. Neil London
Isn't Google Streetview doing this for us now?
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More posts about turntables and hi-fi, I say. I've been dipping my toes into audophile forums recently - with a vague view to upgrading some part of my vinyl playing system - and have found it a surprisingly impenetrable world (I speak as one who has spent far, far too much time discussing niche-interest guitars, guitar amps and boutique effects pedals online).
I use Silver Efex Pro for b&w conversion and had almost always applied one of the film simulations to files from my Nikon D80; usually one of the two slowest speeds - the faster ones looking too obviously like film simulations, where the slower ones just add a very tiny amount of pleasing texture, particularly to skies. However, when I moved to shooting with a Fuji X-E1, none of the film simulations seem to improve it, or rather seem necessary, so I've pretty much gone without. I've no idea what the difference is technically, but there is - to my eyes - a real difference.
Much truth there. I had been taking photos with a vague idea as to what I liked, but a sense that I might be a bit alone in that respect. I started putting them on Flickr, and gained a little audience, which made me think I maybe wasn't wasting my time. Then I gained a (mostly local) Twitter audience, and suddenly I had people sharing my photos and telling me which ones they liked, why they like them, and so on. The most important thing wasn't the attendant ego boost (ahem...ok, maybe a bit), but that it made me think more clearly about the photos I was taking, and the themes I was exploring. You can only talk into a vacuum for so long.
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