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Nancy King
Portland, Oregon
Early Stage Startup Talent Manager
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Thank you for sharing. I remember my Mom every time I'm looking for a parking spot. When anyone in my family get's a prime parking spot, we call it an Oma spot. (the name her grand children called her) I swear, when I get a number one spot I feel a spiritual connection with my Mom. Stupid but true.
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This is so, so true! "Titles represent friction" gets right to the heart of the problem. The biggest red flag for me is a candidate who demands a title to join an early stage start up. You're not in it for the right reason.
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It is going to be fun to watch the Republican party fight it out. I hope those like David Wallace are able to take control back, or go rogue and start a new party! If anything, Support of Sarah Palin helps me determine those Republicans I can't have a political conversation with. Makes it easy!
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