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and where THE F*** is the msm???? too busy being the mouth piece of the religion of piss?
jes, whoever the hell you are, what is very obvious is that you are illiterate and cannot even properly express a simple hateful sentence. that being said, it points out to you being some kind of a lowlife scumbag with an iq of 50-60 (at best!). you have the audacity to smear ms. geller, for her honesty, (in other words, pointing out the truth about islam, and what retards, its followers are,and that includes you too jes). so jes, i will not call you an idiot, because i know that idiots do not like to be called idiots, especially when they are idiots.
dear paulo! your posted exactly what i wanted to say. i have more 'respect' for the muslime rioters than i do for the so called msm. i do not have any expectations from the muslimes, you know, those that believe in their friggin' kkkoran, so i find it very normal when they riot, maime, stone, etc... i mean what else do you want them to do? this is what they believe in.... but the goddamn 'journalists' (god how many tv s do i have to keep replacing?).... aaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!viewed the stupid puppy look they have when they have some scumbag muslime interviewed, the blatant lying and aggressive tone they take towards a freedom thinker....
you and pythagoras are right on. fine the question is how could it actually be done? it is fine and dandy for us, atlas shrugs posters to be in (almost) total agreement, but how would this 'us vs them' manifest itself? pragmatically.
what an abomination this religion of piss is... it is hard to believe, that a normal human being with western values would not be up in arms about such outrage, (and of course there is no shortage of proofs how barbaric, how deranged, how psychotic these friggin' people are) and instead of condemning this, pretty soon dhimmi media (the useful idiots) would portray wilders as the one who is causing violence and drives these poor immams to make such statements...
dear dented, this message is for linda. apparently when i came to post this reply, the webpage said that my time was up.... so if this message goes through, and you, linda, read it, well, this one's for you: ok bitch! time's up! if anything, the u.s. came to be, thanks to JEWISH MONEY. a major jewish filantropist donated (i do not have it now off the top of my head, but if you answer, i WILL look it up for you)what would be the equivalent of billions and billions in today's money. not a peep, not a word of thanks and barely a mention in history books. he died pennyless. an obscure figure washed away in the pages of history. so when you say 'america's money', please understand that you are talking to a great extent 'jewish money'. that's for starters. next, america's misguided policy of 'evenhandedness' is very successfully funding milllions and millions of dollars to the so called 'palestinians' (btw, there is no such thing as a palestinian, it is an unfortunate successfully told lie, that was being repeated over and over since 1967 and now....peace talks between the two courtesy of hussein in washington. spit!) these dollars are supporting teachings of jihad and shaheeds AGAINST the U.S.A. and that includes misguided idiots such as yourself, so for your own sake, wake up! more about money? what is really happening is that israel must purchase american aircraft (which is thoroughly modified and rendered ultrasophisticated . so it is more like a voucher to be redeemed in store only. america saving jews in the holocaust..... the illustrious fdr had complete knowledge of what was happening. he did not lift a finger!!! by the time u.s. did get involved, millions have already perished AND thousand jewish refugees were denied entry to the u.s. yes we are greatful for what was done but that was as a by the way, i.e. a side benefit. yes i know, the world does not necessarily revolve around israel, but let us just call things by their name and not pretend they are something else. the americans that died in ww2 did not die in order to save jews.
no linda, us does not have to kill for israel. israel can defend itself EXTREMELY WELL. however it is a shackled warrior. 1973. yom kippur war. israel is attacked from the north and from the south. the egyptians succeeded to cross the suez canal. for a while it did not look good for israel... in a brilliant move, arik sharon is crossing the canal and encircles the entire egyptian 3rd army. god forbid the roles reversed, - the egyptians would have slaughtered . if any other countries were to be involved, the encircled defeated army would have had to surrender as pow or be killed... but of course the rules are different when it involves jewish warriors. another self hating jew, kapo, named henri kissinger (must be related to rahm emanuel and michael bloomberg)is putting extraordinary pressures on israel to allow food and medicine (!!!) to the defeated ones in order not to once again totally humiliate the bastards, and allow them some notion of 'honor'...(spit!) bush senior. again. incredible pressure on israel not to retalliate even as scud missiles are flying in. no linda, israel does not need america to kill for israel...but don't get in the way ! and of course, now, with this imposter you have sitting there in the wh, it's even worse. freedom demonstrations in iran, where people are being killed for want of freedom (neda? rings a bell?)they look to the u.s.a. the world super power, the bastion of democracy and freedom. the reply from hussein? he sided with his ayatollahs and 'he does not meddle in another country's internal affairs'.... but when it comes to israel...oh, let there be a hypocritical double standard! let's create a fake outrage over building in israel CAPITAL CITY of jerusalem!!! oh now, the appeaser in chief is outraged! no offence americans, i love you people, i love your country and just about everything about america. but this scum bag is your downfal!!! he cannot create sharia law in the usa fast enough! so again linda, no. you do not have to kill for israel. and why is israel the greatest ally? has it occured to you that hard core intel where real people are infiltrated is coming to the us from israel? once again, no disrispect meant, but there not that many americans that could infiltrate into enemy territory and not stick out like a sore thumb. if you trust your moooslime soldiers to do the job.... good luck! you'll need it! do you remember an incident where a certain major nidal hassan shot and killed scores of soldiers??? i hope you are not politically correct to the point that you cannot understand the simple truth. both u.s and israel have a sworn enemy, called ISLAM, which at least is honest and is not bashful about its intentions. it is already 12;30 am and i'm a little tired to continue but i hope my reply was helpful
wpf, i slightly disagree with you. i think that the 'feather' is secondary. the main raison d'etre of this mooslime imposter is to use the power of the office of the potus in order to destroy western society, and first on the agenda is to weaken the state of israel. i mean how DARE this bastard treat benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of u.s. greatest ally, the way he did back in march and now the mendacious thug, believes that he can just read the bullshit in the teleprompter and all's well?
profitsbeard, you are a person after my own heart. i have posted here and elsewhere that the late rabbi kahane was absolutely right! democracy + demographics (moooslimes multiplying like rats) = death of the host country.
your question tells a lot about you anthony. it is a loaded question that implies "as an american you should 'work for america's interests' and not israel's". i'll give you benefit of the doubt and patiently try to explain to you that it all depends which america you are talking about. if you are talking about america, the country that freedom liberty honesty and kindness is its fabric, than you should be aware that this america is in great danger of becoming extinct by a virulent and aggressive type of cancer which is metastasizing all over the western case you are a real novice at today's headlines (as shown in your 'innocent' question), this cancer is called ISLAM. and no, nobody on this site is an islamophobe, we just 'calls'em as we sees'em'. (you would not acuse a pathologist of spreading hatered and being an alarmist because he diagnosed the slide as a malignant cancer...or would you?) this america,has the same interests and values as israel. furthermore, israel is in the unfortunate position to be the lightning rod for the west. people that cherish freedom and justice realize the just cause that israel is fighting daily try to help (if nothing else, than for selfish reasons). the followers of this psychopathic death cult, are those that danced with joy at the news of the 4+ murdered israelis, these are the same ones that danced when the wtc was hit and they danced with joy and threw candies in celebration. so you see anthony, these two countries face the very same enemy. however! if your question implies that america's interests are not the same as israel's, well then, you would be parroting what the pos temporarily occupying the wh said that 'israel is costing america in blood and treasure' and of course immediately after, all the idiots that be, were babbling the same bs. the interests of 'this america' are totally different. this is the america where there is no more freedom of speech, where the truth is a lie and a lie is tried to be passed as the truth. this america is the one where there is no reward for excellence but strives towards the lowest common denominator. this america is doing everything it can to weaken its allies and empower its enemies. i think you are intelligent enough, anthony, to draw your own conclusions. neil ps i would strongly recommend you go out and buy pamela geller's book. read it. and when you finished read it again. i mean it sincerely and not sarcastically, it will open your eyes
dear mimi, my thoughts precisely. i wish i could fly one of these planes on a strafing mission till the job gets done! if any one has any doubts about the moooooslime intentions you must watch this chilling speech:
thank you lenin-mccarthy! it worked! sweetgrass montana it is! i hope your post is read by millions of people outside of u.s who will know now what to do
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2010 on Death Threats and Security at Atlas Shrugs
brit! you are a scumbag if there has ever been one and very allergic to the truth! you should carry an epi-pen with you because the truth is coming out. islam and lowlife dhimmis such as yourself are exposed for what they are (the actual term is useful idiots)
silversurfer! yes ALL FRIGGIN' ARAB countries. there is a major flood now in pakistan you should know just in case you missed it. the only help that these backward primitive barbarian stone age culture is from the west (you know, america the great satan, uk etc) zilch, gournischt, nothing from the fellow-moooslime countries that are rich due to a geological accident and DEFINITELY NOT due to their industrious population (ha, ha, ha)
do not give up auntie! :-)
right on patti! these BASTARDS can not do a thing for themselves! only attack and pillage as described in their friggin' stone age document. this moooslime president is trying very hard to promote the 'great achievements of islam' ... well obviously, you need a rocket scientist to figure out wtf those just might be... what a sick joke, just wake up america and the west, call a spade a spade, and EDUCATE yourselves!!! (the post american presidency - thank you pamela and robert a god who hates - wafa sultan surrender and while europe slept - bruce bawer ayaan hirsi ali, irshad manji, etc. etc. etc.)
you are totally WRONG! these bastards did not have in mind 'let's flip the property for a profit' and if it was a 'fixer-upper' it was as a direct aftermath to the 9-11 attack. their intentions were sooooooooo transparent that this would be a mega-provocation, rubing salt into a nation's deep wounds. so you are wrong to point that it is 'american' to buy and sell for profit because you have missed the large picture (p.s. 'they're' is spelled 'their'...)
well,well,well.yehudon katan opened his mouth. obviously by your comments you must one of the many idiotic leftist that actually think that they are cool and enlightened and have caused the arrival of this abomination in 2008.and to add insult to injury you think that those that oppose this mendacious hypocritical muslim liar (sorry, it's an oxymorron. i mean what else COULD it be?)you call these 'a putz'? you, rahm emannuel and other bastards just like you (axelrod, blitzer..etc)are what my parents would call a "moosser", which is the worst of the worst of the worst (kind of like yossef ben matityahu, the traitor that switched sides and became ...the sophisticated, enlightened josephus flavius...)i am sure you catch the drift. shmuck!
w.h. = bastille hussein obama = louis xvi guess who = marie antoinette july 14th 1789 = november 2010
ok so at least now it is clear (if it was not till now). it is us (western civilization judeo-christian values) vs islamic jihad championed by the muslime wh occupant
god almighty, this ridiculous bullshit has got to stop! the entire western civilization is collapsing in front of our very eyes! this sob appeaser-in-chief is `the one member of the trojan horse team that is VERY NOT COVERTLY, BUT IN YOUR FACE and very methodically laying the groundwork for the rest of the hordes outside of troy's wall to storm the surrounded city! is everybody asleep at the wheel? is there any hope? i think that there should be a storming of the bastille and a repeat performance of 1789!!!
kick the friggin' sob OUT!!! it gets really sickening to see/hear the blatantly obvious, deceitful arrogant muslime on the air.
"pmk said... Comment has been removed by moderator." can somebody explain why such a thing happened? i am truly puzzled