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I mentioned that fact to my classmates at Tech School for the Air Force. One decided to look up to see if i was right and was persistent that was wrong. "I looked it up, its made of hops not rice." i tried explaining the difference between hops an grain but he was so proud to be using the term hops, which he just learned about, that he would learn any more from me.
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I found that the brewer's best kits are a great way to get started. the ingredients are all prepacked and the directions are easy to follow. if you save the directions you can modify the recipe the next time. my first batch could have been better. I made my own recipe right off the batch but i thought i could do it as I just did a research project on Beer. And I was still a few months underage at the time. My biggest problem was that it came out flat. I did a darker Bock with adjuncts of Maple and Brown Sugar. The Flavor was pretty good. The yeast i used, which i don't remember, left a slight banana taste as well. Unexpected but delightful surprise. I called my monstrosity of a mistake Brown Goat Maple. Despite my shortcomings a belgian friend of mine said he enjoyed it so for my first batch i think it had potential if i were to try it again.
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Dec 17, 2010