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I wonder if the problem had to do with MONEY? Specifically,when I went to check my queue Sunday afternoon, I got a screen that said my account was on-hold due to credit card authorization problem and that I need to have the re-run it. I did and then I got an email saying that the re-authorization was successful (5:21 PM) THEN later I got an email from netflix last night (Sunday 3/23, 7:39 pm PDT) with the Subject: Houston, we have a problem. They went on to tell me that my credit card had a problem " We're glad you're a Netflix member, but we've had some trouble authorizing your Visa ending in xxxx." I tried re-authorizing it again and got the "trouble authorizing" again. Same thing a while later and a few more times. Now, today the card is fine and my movies are shipping Tues like everyone else. Now if it was about MONEY, I can see them being down until it was right....
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2008 on Netflix Website Down - Update at Hacking NetFlix
The report of large percentage (> 5%) unplayable disks or "need cleaning" disks from Netflix - my experience is no friggin' way. damaged: 26 discs out of 800, so less than 4%. need cleaning: very few Sounds like what needs cleaning or is damaged is the players.
I just got my account notice 8/16 (billing date is on the 7th of each month). I got GF'ed ( "no change in plan at this time"). I have a 4 out at a time, unlimited store exchanges, $23.99. I tried my best to be an unprofitable customer ( 0 in-store purchases ) and almost as heavy volume as possible ( 159 rentals since 09/26/06 = about 12 per month, all exchanged in-store since TA began). One strange thing, starting around July 4, they stopped shipping entirely. Total throttling. I made sure I had 30 available in my queue, put them first and tried several tactics. I emailed and complained for 2 weeks, re-did my queue to have only availables and finally they started shipping again on July 16. Weird. Anyhow just tossing out the 12-instore-exchanges with 0 purchases,but still got GF'ed data point. Wait and see....