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Yes it would but the e-ink makes a big difference. The combo I'm thinking of would give back the joy of reading (and doing something) to those who can not even turn a book page without help. It would be relatively easy to do on tablet/pc but reading on lcd is rubbish. And also such a hack/mod for Kindle would turn a lot of attention to BCI tech, to locked-in patients, and of course to the creators of the mod.
Hi Darron, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I'm not a technical person, so what I understand is that the hacked-in bluetooth can not do the job. However it would be great to find a way to connect a neuro-headset to an ebook reader, that could potentially cheer up the everyday life of tens of thousands of paralysed people or patients who suffer from locked-in syndrome. Do you think it's possible somehow? Know anyone who could do the trick? The neuro-headset has an SDK, the Kindle has a KDK, so why would it be impossible? :)
sorry, Darron of course
Hi Darren, Is it possible, at least in theory, to connect an external hardware device to a Kindle ebook reader and control via this device? The device I'm thinking of would be a mobile brain-computer interface such as a MindWave or a PLX Xwave ( Thanks!
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Apr 22, 2012