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get the starters back in to finish
i commend cook for playing but 1 for 9 don't force what ain't there
cook is hard to watch at times, he plays well then horrible. im starting to wonder if we will ever see a consistent cook
o'neal hasn't even played 30 mins nice to see him playing well but i will believe when he plays this way against the better teams
an offense with some balance and not just pass to wade. keep it up miami
any links for heat game?
so lebron mentored hickson this summer to help his young teammate's growth. i never heard wade doing such a thing, wade is the clear leader on the court but what about off?
the wizards seem to always play the cavs well when they have everyone healthy. i would love to see those 2 at full strength in the playoffs
arroyo assist to jones for a corner 3, ira mentioned they have hooked up for a few of those in practice. maybe they have found something in that second unit
if only cook could produce like that on a consistent basis when the games matter
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2009 on Spurs 95, Heat 93 at Miami Heat | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
who has a worse starting pg than miami going into the season? in the offseason miami needs to use some of that freed up money for a pg
another mediocre season ahead
no q-rich tonight?
not heat related but i have a question? since when did monte ellis become a coach? he isn't even kobe status and trying to make demands and dictate who should be on the warriors roster, how much longer do they put up with this kid
i guess riley's concerns have proven to be right, as i say let the man work. his staff pushed him to draft beas and now look at the situation
bye wade we are going to miss you man! no way in hell wade atays in miami if beasley is suppose to be the cornerstone next to him. beasley is turning out to be a huge disappointment, i always wanted MAYO anyhow.
chi bulls lineup in 2011 rose wade deng thomas noah with a upgrade at center, could do well in the east
shaq's ego is too big, he would retire before coming off the bench
anyone think riley would go back to the bench in 2011 if he indeed puts together a stellar team? i just don't see spo as a coach leading a team to a title
i agree if its ai and tinsley then no long-term committment but i don't like the idea of this current roster going against the improved east, could very well mean missing the playoffs next season
is beverly signed yet?
any thoughts on reymond felton? with the bobcats having dj augustine, i don't see why they would commit long-term to felton
i knew odom was toying with miami. anyway glad that saga has ended, what are miami's other options at this point? plz get a pg
TOP 2008-09 NBA SALARIES Highest paid NBA players: 1) Kevin Garnett (Boston) $24,751,934 2)tie Jason Kidd (Dallas) $21,372,000 2)tie Jermaine O'Neal (Toronto) $21,372,000 4) Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers) $21,262,500 5) Shaquille O'Neal (Phoenix) $21,000,000 6)tie Allen Iverson (Detroit) $20,840,625 6)tie. Stephon Marbury (New York) $20,840,625 8) Tim Duncan (San Antonio) $20,598,704 9) Tracy McGrady (Houston) $20,370,437 10) Ray Allen (Boston) $18,388,430 11) Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas) $18,077,904 12) Paul Pierce (Boston) $18,077,903 13) Shawn Marion (Miami) $17,810,000 14) Rashard Lewis (Orlando) $16,447,871 15) Michael Redd (Milwaukee) $15,780,000 16)tie Pau Gasol (LA Lakers) $15,106,000 16)tie. Andrei Kirilenko (Utah) $15,106,000 18)tie. Amare Stoudemire (Pho.) $15,070,550 18)tie Yao Ming (Houston) $15,070,550 20) Mike Bibby (Atlanta) $14,983,603 sad, some of these guys on this list are injury prone or simply not that good to be making the money they made. wade and bron not on list and are two of the league's top players Read more:
screw odom, any news on tinsley possibly coming to miami? if miami can get another ballhandler, i hear hakim warrick is available, decent enough sf next to wade who can score