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North American otakus could replicate this in North America (the kids on this TV show look like prime candidates), but considering how much it costs to go to Japan, how many otakus are probably scared shitless by all of the CYA security at all U.S. airports, and how much most young people are paid while working,I have my doubts. I think that videos like these made by older otaku like you will have to be what young people will use to learn about how to stage events like these.
Great article and statement. I too won't be buying these, nor will I be supporting any future works of this bigoted Christian fundie nutbar who follows a 'Moronic' (the misspelling is deliberate) cult based on bogus ancient plates that claims Jesus Christ came to North America centuries ago (that includes any movie based on the imperialistic and anti-humanistic Ender's Game trilogy.) This fool and his fellow cultists need to be taught that a book about sky-people and their adventures is not a manual for living on Earth, nor is it a manual for how people should love one another. I wish that Card could be run out of the science fiction community and left where he is in Moron (misspelling is again deliberate) land to rot, but that would be impossible. All that I can do is just ignore him, and I will do that.
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Although the ad is shit, there's nothing wrong with thin-crust slice pizza.
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Nobody I know knows who Sharon Jones is. I didn't know about her until reading this article, and I wondered if I was missing something since it seemed you were implying she's becoming the next 'big thing', ala Adele or Beyonce. I'm sorry, but...she's pretty obscure, with a mere two million Youtube hits on only one video. Your characterization of her as a "nationwide sensation" is way off. And there lies the real reason why the music industry is fucked up the ass, and sheeple like you can't tell the difference between what's good and what's bad, and why racism still's a factor in American life, and Sharon Jones had to get a record deal at an independent label(ANTI-/Epitaph); too many people saying she was 'too fat, and too Black' to succeed (meanwhile, Adele and Susan Boyle-who are just as big as Jones is-are raking in all of the big bucks...)and also why a twenty-something wastrel druggie who was only given a major label contract because of her pretty face and white skin was allowed to become bigger than her. People like you just can't see or like real talent apart from manufactured shit (I'm talking about Girl's Generation, not Adele or Boyle), and the world's culture is suffering for it.
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@Ben Century: Yeah, I'll admit that you've got your own space, but considering that what you have on your blog is crap anyway, I wouldn't be worrying about the long arm of the U.S. government coming to get you in the near future. It's only the popular good stuff that they're concerned about, not this crap.
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Oct 11, 2011