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Ok nitpick time. Kinda feel like a dick and I love the design, but there is a lot canonically wrong with it. I shall explain the truth, so you can be informed. 1. The Doctor (and the Master) actually went to the Prydonian Academy, which was the source of most of the Lords President and other establishment types. Think ivy league. 2. The Prydonian colour is red. 3. The Doctor would have been in his original regeneration, so a younger Willian Hartnell (first doctor) would be more appropriate. Black hair and a mustache (Brain of Morbius) The Sonic Screwdriver is appropriate (according to newer canon), although William Hartnell never used one in the shows. 4. The Doctor was pretty notorious even at the academy, but not in a way that made him poster boy material (Borusa, one of his old teachers, is very clear on this in several episodes). Truth makes T-Shirts boring.
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Jun 7, 2011