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Brooklyn Journalist
Interests: richer residents to the borough). brooklyn ron's desire to (brooklyn) bridge the old and the new is reflected in this site's banner, which features photos of the duffield street homes and the oro condos. the photos were taken by prize-winning photographer ozier muhammad., brooklyn ron's interests are the following: honoring old brooklyn (as represented by the duffield street homes said to have been part of the undergrou
Recent Activity
Dear Members of the Board of Trustees: Thank you for coming today [Mon., March 12th] to Brooklyn College. My name is Ron Howell. I’m an Associate Professor in the English Department’s Journalism Program. Because I missed the signup deadline, my request to speak at your gathering with members of the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2018 at Ida B. Wells in Brooklyn
By Melody Chan, Brooklyn College Student I am Asian American. This race label, like any other, comes with a lot of burdens. Like other Asians, I must live with the preconceived notions about us. For example, many people assume that we are great at math even though I am terrible at it. We are also believed to have “tiger moms.” I admit that my mom is a “tiger” –­­ maybe even a “lion” – but stereotypes are stereotypes. It may apply to one individual but not to another. And the most crippling stereotype is that Asians are quiet. Yes, I... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2015 at Brooklyn Journalist