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Its the time of year when every Progressive leftist becomes an expert on "what would Jesus do?" All aboard the "Jesus Express" The morally superior all away in a manger
Where is the Video? Google / Progressives / MSM Muslim Cheer Squad has no problem with violence on You Tube or any other medium, so long as it's not THEIR team been portrayed negatively by it.
Remind's me of when I emailed a Sydney TV News reader complimenting her on wearing her cross around her neck whilst reading the weekend 6 pm news. She has not worn it since, after many years of doing so. I guess management don't like the idea of any reference to Christianity, despite this network making a motza every year doing the Carols by Candle light broadcast, I hope no one tells them it is a celebration of the BIRTH of Christ... but hey they are making money out of it so it will probably be ok.
"Have you seen the "winners" for "the defining images of the world in 2012" I have been a "Picture Groupie" my entire life. So used to the NG,Time.Life,NW Pro.Muslim /leftist SPIN on Photojournalism I do not bother any more, it's like the elections in Iran why bother going through the motions, after all everybody knows 12 months in advance who is going to win. MSM Is a disgrace along with those entrusted to reveal the TRUTH via the video / camera. No wonder the "Progressives" are working so hard to shut down the internet to all but "right thinkers"
Something SMELLS about this photo, its not just the dead bodies of the children so shamelessly staged managed by those who claim to be their protectors, no its the rotting stench of Islam and its leftist apologists and sychaphants and their respective Sociopathic ideologies placed before the lives of innocent children. Islam and the Left, perfect partners in the war on civilization.
Based on "Columnist In Hamas Daily Calls To Limit Women's Movement Because They Spread Disease" Clearly the koran, its study and distribution, should also be banned on the basis of spreading the mental disease of SOCIOPATHY. Identification + Internment + Repatriation to an Islamic Utopia of their choosing = a return to a civilized Judeo Christian Western World.
Based on "Columnist In Hamas Daily Calls To Limit Women's Movement Because They Spread Disease" Clearly the koran, its study and distribution, should also be banned on the basis of spreading the mental disease of SOCIPATHY. Identification + Internment + Repatriation to an Islamic Utopia of their choosing = a return to a civilized Judeo Christian Western World.
If Maccas had any Balls they would have a sign outside every store stating for instance. " NO HALAL food sold here,By entering this store you are acknowledging that you are aware of this and have no expectation of been able to purchase Halal food " It might keep them out of their stores and I am sure that the American people would reward their stand by patronizing them even more. I refuse to eat KFC here in Australia and will never knowingly pay the islamic food tax
Remember the US Voted for this. History is repeating itself the people were asked to choose between Barack Hussein Obama and "insert opposition contenders name here" Let the record show that in November 2012 those who voted chose Barabbas.
Obama's New World Order, Islamist Death Squads armed and financed by the US Taxpayer, free to roam wherever their Koran incited Blood Lust dictates. So far they have just had trial runs off shore, kidnapping 'infidels" how long before a man described by the enemedia as Black America's "New Jesus" lets these Islamic Swine loose on American soil? How long before the Hussein Obama's "Partners In Peace" sleepers are mobilized on US Soil ? Who will they kidnap and what infrastructure / people will they destroy or immobilize and what will the "New Jesus" give them in return for their demands / freedom? Remember the second term of the first Muslim President of the USA is "Payback Time" Anything Goes, the Democrats the "Beautiful People" and their "New Jesus" have nothing to lose,and Islam has plenty to gain under their administration. I hope the US constitution has something that can over ride a President / Administration who aids and abets Americas self declared enemies Religious/ Ideological commitment to destroy Judeo Christian Western Democracy and all those who refuse to renounce it and convert to Islam.
I am thinking this is just the beginning Obama's / Islamic Sociopaths Inc's. New World Order. Obama's "Partners in Peace" how long before they strike again on US soil? I guess only Obama knows that.
Dear Fitna, Good point, I believe that France has the highest population of Islamic Insurgents in the West / Europe, It will be interesting to see if they use this attack against "Islam' by their "Flag of Convenience" host nation, to mobilise against the French people. Interesting times ahead. Identification + Internment + Repatriation to an Islamic Utopia of their choosing = a return to the Civilized Judeo Christian Western World we had before Multiculturalism.
It would appear that this mission did not go well for the French, I have it first hand from a 3 tour Iraq US special op's Soldier who has trained in Africa with French soldiers of same classification that these soldiers are as good as any and that they are not lacking in courage or ability.....Unlike their Government. So please don't mock the French soldiers a Warrior is a Warrior its the Political arse clowns who control them that decides weather their mission is allowed to succeed or not. Vietnam for instance.
How long before we see this headline? "French President says America refusing to join fight against Islamic Terrorism is like saying I wont be taking my piano accordion Deer Hunting This Season"
Kabuki down under "Radical Sheik " outrages Conservative Politician
Finally the Savages and or their apologists admit that the koran 3 : 151 is, in their words "War Propaganda" Baby steps but at least it is a start,lets hope they keep reading,who knows by this time next week they may be burning copies of the koran
Dear Overlander, What are you some kind of fucking Nut? "Those who the Gods are about to destroy they first make crazy" Uckin Oath they do and they name them muslims first.
Pam, I note the illustration used by Islamic Sociopaths Inc., of the Hag in a Bag supposedly doing a Gym workout (as per top of this post) perhaps Leftist Democrat useful idiot women (wimmin?) would care tho read the guidelines for Muslim women and exercise / sport. Guidelines for Muslim women engaging in sport and exercise "Although many women-only gyms have become popular, we have the same problem as with baths, that being in the presence of non-Muslim women. However, as long as loose clothing is worn along with proper head covering, this problem can be avoided" Islam invented BY Sociopaths FOR Sociopaths
I have just watched Fox News story on this Ambassador Fieristein (apologies for incorrect spelling) Is there any organization in the USA / Israel that could ensure his safe evacuation before the Obama regime "gives him up" to its "Peace Partners" This is outrageous WTF is going on ? Americans Voted for this Arse Clown? Who is in charge of the Fricking Military yeah I know the Messiah.
I have a relative very conversant with the Mossad, I believe that their M O was indeed to take out at the highest level those committed to the Genocide of Jews in Israel and the elimination of the Israel. I wish that some Judeo Christian Patriot within the Military would start a Head Hunting op starting with.................oops sorry I cannot say that
I hope the USA's Yemen ambassador has more cred with Hussein Obama than the former USA Libyan ambassador, if not I am sure Obama will deliver his head on a platter to his Co Ideologists / Religionists in the blink of an eye as gesture of "Respect" and "Outreach" to his "Peace Partners".
""You want to f**k me in my pink coat." SHOCKING, OUTRAGEOUS BLAH BLAH BLAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Now before you all rush to Judgement none of you know just how much money was on offer here.... Personally with the correct amount of financial inducement I would be prepared to F**k her with "your dick" as they say, but hey that's just me and I have been off the nest for a long time and my eyes are not as good as they were and .....well you know any port in a storm.
Sydney's Occupied Territories: Savages declare Fatwa on Christmas Identification + Internment + Repatriation to an Islamic Utopia of their choosing NOW!!!
Americans !!! If you believe ONE thing DO NOT ever surrender your right to fire arms. Australians fell for the CON after the Port Arthur slaughter in Tasmania. The Conservative Government of John Howard introduced a gun buy back and stringent gun lisence controls. some 10 years later the ONLY people with Guns are Middle Eastern (Muslims) Crime gangs along with Bikie Gangs and Muslim Terrorist Groups At the moment they are shooting each other in Turf wars, Drugs Child Prostitution, Car Re birthing, Home Invasion and Gang Rape of Infidel children and their mothers, however sooner or late they will run out of fellow criminals to shoot kill bash and start on Australians for their stand over activities. Australians are disarmed the only people with guns are our declared enemies Illegal immigrants predominantly Muslims
Am I missing something? where is the link to the video please, or has it been taken down already, I only have a series of heavily censored still pictures on my page. Thanks Aussie.