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J S Ng
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I’ve been using a Das keyboard for about a year, and just put the family desktop on a Unicomp Spacesaver a couple of months ago—they love it, klacky sound and all. Most may consider the typing sound as noise, but it's a lovely, crispy sound I could fall asleep to. I just wanted to mention that a quick Google Product search ( reveals mechanical keyboards that can be had for as low as $44. After factoring shipping and other costs I think that would still work out to slightly above $50 for many people, which is significantly lower than the $70-$300 you mentioned. Disclaimer of sorts: I have not used any of these budget keyboards so I have no idea what kind of switches are used in them (product pages seem equally scant on useful details), but I guess they would at least serve as an introduction to mechanical keyboards. Whether touchscreen typing is the wave of the future or not, I'm sticking to my mechanical keyboard guns. Perhaps something might change when we finally get haptic touchscreens.
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2010 on The Keyboard Cult at Coding Horror
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Oct 22, 2010