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From "Next to the Dogfaced-boy" is how I'd really like to be known. But Wil, as a Star Trek NON trekker, more of a Bill Shatner lapdog, I understand the stress of having to utter that nonsense with precision AND emotion relative to the information being uttered . . . it would be as if you were suddenly in a lab with Fermi and Szilard, with them them babbling to themselves while writing on a blackboard and saying things like "Exactly! If the core emission particles are controlled with x being the transmission variable and t being the velocity, it is entirely possible that the actual implosion will result in an n-parameter event!" And Szilard would stroke his chin and say quietly, "Fermi, you are a genius!" What I'm saying is, that if there's the payoff if the characters get it right, it's no more different than a platoon discussion about how they're going to outflank a machine gun nest. You have no idea what they're talking about, but you're sure THEY do, so all is right with the world. I sometimes entertain myself at airport bars or on airplanes pretending I'm an Australian Paleontologist. How can they possibly argue with me? I do a perfect Australian accent and then tell them what project I'm currently working on, which is usually using DNA from a billion-year=old caterpillar to recreate a therapsid which I'll bet no fuckin' pedestrian except a fellow paleontologist would have ever heard about, and I'd make rockin' tales of recombinant DNA sequencing in this hilarious, enthusiastic Australian accent (Ya see, mite, tha kai heah is to boind the propah receptahs on the the seeding soites sai you feil the receptor aygent boy thinkin'tat it's bein' taiken ayvah boy a REAL receptar soite, if ya see moy point?" Usually they are ready to buy you another double Bloody Mary, just to get to the story of how you got the croc out of your shower head.
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Jun 19, 2011