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What about the controller's dependencies though? Surely you're not suggesting that each controller release its own dependencies. Additionally, what is the expected lifecycle of services returned by IDepdencyResolver? Does the calling code expect these to be singleton instances? If it expects transient instances, do they get disposed when they're done with? For now, I will continue to override DefaultControllerFactory's GetControllerInstance and ReleaseController methods. That way I know that my entire dependency tree has been released correctly by the container.
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Leatherman micra. Small CRKT pocketknife (don't even know the model now) Fenix L1D (sometimes I swap it for my Nitecore D10) iPhone 4. Various and sundry handguns, when legally possible. Usually at least a Glock 19. I also sometimes carry a tiny container of dental floss. I hate it when restaurants don't carry toothpicks.
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Aug 13, 2010