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Nick Black
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I'm somewhat surprised that neither "Hail Mary commit" nor "shotgun commit" showed up here. The former is an unproven fix with an unknown set of behaviors, enabled at the last possible time before release to distribution -- indeed, often as the last change before a tag. As Flutie did before you, heave that mother up, and hope, and pray, and know it's in every way out of your hands until foo.0.1 can get cut. Shotgun commits are easy to identify: the commit merges a reasonable fix from another branch, along with a plane in the x and y dimensions of new logging, and a sound server, and the beginnings of i18n structure. A "Fore!" or "Incoming!" or even "FIRE IN THE HOLE!!" (when appropriate) in your changelogs is just good common courtesy. we'll cover tactical and strategic nukes next lesson.
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Oct 27, 2010